St Edith's Beck & Bells Project

The Beck & Bells project held the official launch of its book "A Local History of Bishop Wilton" on the weekend of 8/9th October. It was a huge success. The exhibition was visited by more than 300 people over the weekend and we have sold more than 50% of our stocks of books - so if you want one you had better move quickly. They can be bought on-line (by clicking the image opposite. The price is £34.79 includes postage and packaging) or if you are local you can get one form the village shop for £27.50.

All proceeds go to the upkeep of the church building of St Edith's, Bishop WIlton.

Buy Now £34.79 inc P&P

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The latest news on the bells project and some up-to-date video footage of what's been happening.

The Devastation in Pakistan

I imagine like me you have been shocked by the devastation in Pakistan. One third of the country under water; 500,000 people in relief camps and more than 700,000 livestock killed. The scale is unimaginable. The UN has launched an appeal and having discussed the situation with our Wardens and Treasurers I am inviting you to be involved. There will be a donation point in church in addition to our usual Sunday collection, there will also be forms to allow you to send money directly which will mean that gift aid can be claimed back and you can also give on line to the British Red Cross who are working with the Red Crescent who already have feet on the ground in Pakistan and also the Disasters Emergency Committee. I know times are challenging just now but if everyone can give just a little that really does amount to a lot. (Photograph opposite :People wait for relief in Sukkur, Sindh province, Photograph: Waqar Hussain/EPA)

Here is the LINK

People have commented that they found the Revd Linda Munt's sermon from Sunday 11th very helpful at this time of national reflection.

A print version. Full-colour, 36 pages. Images of the interiors of St Edith's as well as the written history.
Available, for sale, in Church at £8 per copy. All proceeds go to church funds.

A print version
Full colour, 44 pages.
Images and Ruth's history of St Andrew's'
Available from the Rectory. £10

A print version
Full colour, 44 pages.
Images and Ruth's history of All Saints'
Available from the Rectory. £10
Covid Guidance for Church Services

As the COVID restrictions ease, we are continuing to review our approach to the virus. Face coverings are no longer mandatory within our churches. However please feel free to use them if you feel more comfortable in doing so.

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