Our Next broadcast service is Ascension

16th May - Our Service starts at 09:55am

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The Easter Cross and St Edith's, Bishop Wilton

Services In Church April ~ June
All at 11:15am

16th May All Saints Kirby Underdale
23rd May St Edith’s Bishop Wilton: Pentecost
30th May St Andrew’s Bugthorpe: Trinity
6th June All Saints Kirby Underdale

There is a new letter from the Rector -
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A Mothering Sunday Story
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Welcome to Garrowby Churches

We are in difficult times. The COVID 19 virus is forcing each and every one of us to take measures to protect ourselves and others and also look out for those in need.

We are encouraged to change from being a ‘Church of Attendance’ to a ‘Church of Prayer and Service’. Our prayers for God’s world and his people are of great importance.

I appreciate that this is going to be difficult for many regular worshippers, so we are offering a series of live-streamed services - see the links above.

The Garrowby Churches are set in the Yorkshire Wolds, and consists of 5 parishes. As worshipping communities we aim to grow ourselves in our faith and discipleship, support and engage with our local communities and bring new people to Christ.

We are blessed with beautiful buildings and faithful commitment from our congregations. As we continue to grow together, we are being enabled to offer a variety of worship and outreach. Lay ministry and leadership is key to all we offer, and encouraged as we endeavour to open the Kingdom and its values to all.

The Christian faith is focused on the life and teachings of Jesus Christ. We also believe his death achieved something very special: the opportunity to reconnect with the God that we might believe in but might sometimes feel remote from.

We believe that Jesus was not just a human being but, in some way that we cannot fully understand, God as well. We believe in God the Father, the creator of the entire universe, and the Holy Spirit, who is the way we can experience Jesus today. Not three gods but one, who together are described as the ‘Trinity’ – a description not so much of philosophy but of the relationship at the heart of God.

In the most famous Christian prayer we pray ‘Our Father…’ This creator God wants a relationship with us, for us to be his children and to give us, as Jesus says, ‘life in all its fulness’ (John 10.10).

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