b'The 1851 census for Bishop WiltonAndrew SeftonT he 1851 census for the whole of the countrynumbers it is difficult to know the actual house the took place on the 30th March 1851. For Bishopfamily were occupying. It may be possible to work Wilton and Belthorpe, the total headcount was 604this out from certain points of reference such as the individuals, 323 males and 281 females. There werevicarage or school house. The 1851 census is the 123 inhabited houses and 4 uninhabited. For Bishopearliest to include accurate ages and parish of birth - Wilton, the census enumerator would walk aroundthe 1841 census merely gave the age to the nearest 5 the village and each house would have to provideyears when it was above 20.the information required; but as there were no house Table 1: 1851 Census OccupationsAgricultural Labourer 101 Cornfactor 1General Servant 27 Farmers son 1Scholar 28 Farmers Widow 1Farmer 20 Fiddlemaker 1Farmers Wife 11 Flour Dealer 1Pauper 12 Formerly a Groom 1Blacksmith 6 Governess 1Housekeeper 4 Grocer1Scholar at home 4 Grocer & Ag.Lab. 1Joiner 4 Grocer & Draper 1Blacksmith (apprentice) 4 Hawker of drapery 1Tailor 3 Idiot 1Pauper formerly Ag.Lab. 1 Inn Keeper 1Annuitant 2 Lodginghouse keeper formerly weaver 1Butcher 2 Machine man 1Carrier 2 Medical Student 1Charwoman 2 Mole catcher 1Dressmaker 2 Moulder 1Farmers daughter 2 Nurse 1Kitchen Girl 2 Paper Maker 1Nurse Girl 2 Poulterer 1Straw bonnet maker 2 Publican 1Retired farmer 2 Retired farmers widow 1Bricklayer 2 Ropemaker 1Joiner (apprentice) 2 Schoolmaster and Registrar of Births &1Wheelwright 2 DeathsShoemaker 3 Schoolmistress 1Shoemaker (master) 1 Surgeon not practising 1Carpenter (apprentice) 1 Tobacconist 1Cattle Dealer 1 Vicar of Bishop Wilton 1Clock Dresser 1 Carpenter 1Com. Carrier 1 Tailor (apprentice) 1BULLETIN 8 117'