b'Barker who was born in Bolton in 1848, son of James Barker (born 1815) and Jane of Bolton (born 1814). It seems that when Edward Barker died in 1888, James Barker of Bolton took over Low Belthorpe and the rest of Edwards family moved into the village or gained work on the surrounding farms.The 1901 census shows the family of James Barker of Low Belthorpe.Annie married James Jebson of West End Farm, Mary married Harry Robson of Grange Farm and Esther Barker (nee Gospel) Florence married James Colin Campbell of Cliff Farm. (courtesy of Lorna Sleightholme) Was there a connection further back with the two Barker families? Possibly, but what I do know is the However, I found no connection between Edwardfamily resemblance between my set of Edward Barker Barker of Low Belthorpe whose birthplace in thephotographs and James Barker of Bolton. Can you census was declared as Bishop Wilton, and Jamessee any likeness to James above?1901 censusJames BarkerHead Age 53 Born BoltonEsther BarkerWife Age 43 Born BoltonAnnie Barker Daughter Age 6Mary BarkerDaughter Age 4Florence BarkerDaughter Age 2QuoteF ew pursuits can be more fascinating thanus birth, and in which our present joys and future enquiring into the history of past ages, tracing outhopesas to this lifeare chiefly centred, they then the manners and customs of mankind in early times,acquire the deepest interest and become invested investigating their origin and antiquity, and followingwith a special charm and value.the rise and progress of bygone races. But whenForty Years Researches in British and Saxon Burial these explorations are conducted on our native soil,Mounds of East Yorkshire by J. R. Mortimer, 1905more especially near the cherished spot which gave It has been said that -O wen Robinson used to say, Plant a walnut treeclimbable by the time the child can ride a bike.when a child is born and it will bear fruit and be DerivationsT he use of the word farm in medieval documentsbefore that farming meant renting out, so a farmer can be confusing, as in the phrase the farm of thewas someone who had a lease on anythinghence mill in the Account of John Mortimer above. Our usethe farm of the mill was the amount raised from of the word farmer to mean someone who works therenting out the mill. land has only been current for the last 300 years or so; BULLETIN 9 137'