b'received the tithes from the prebend, they did notbeans and peas in tithes from the said vills are need a house to live inparticularly not an absenteedeposited in the demesne barn and are estimated landlord such as Giovanni Colonna. Still, we mustto be 20 quartersbe grateful for the scraps of information that we canall the demesne straw from wheat, barley, oats, piece together, not hanker for the full description thatbeans and peascould have been included! all the straw from all the tithes of the vills of Wilton, Here follows the translation of the Inventory for theBelthorpe,Youlthorpe, Gowthorpe and Bolton - Manor of Wilton (with some terms explained in squarewheat, barley, dredge, oats, beans and peasbrackets).2 carts with all equipment2 wagons with all equipment3 ploughs with all equipment5 iron dung-forks5 iron pitchforks for hay and sheaves7 iron plough shafts2 small tubs for the table and 1 for the hands1 crossbow with beltInventory of the Manor of Wilton of everything1 copper basin or ewerpertaining to Master Johannes de Columpna,1 copper posnet or potTreasurer of York, which goods are in the said Manor,1 iron cooking griddle24 dishes and platesand are now sequestrated and held through the lord Dean elect and the Chapter of York. 2 cheeseweys Firstly 26 best ploughing oxen 2 baskets3 cart-mares with one little foal 2 winnowing fans3 cart-horses which can be ridden when6 sieves, 3 fish trapsnecessary, of which one has been assigned to5 canvas sacksthe Manor of Lecton-super-Brunnswold [Leighton2 bridlesBromswold, Huntingdonshire] and bought from the3 drinking vesselsincome of the said Manor ofLecton and another2 table topshas always carried a litter which always belonged1 round cauldronto the Manor of York 1 lantern10 large pigs, male and female, and 4 piglets Of oats from the past year, 1 quarter81 ewes of the demesneOf new-crop barley, 2 quarters and 4 bushels75 lambs of the demesneOf hay sold to Richard Stornor, 3 acres and 12 100 lambs of the current years tithingrods, for 13 shillings and 4dIn the demesne barn is the demesne wheatHemp for rope-making in great quantityestimated at 130 quarters [measure of grain,9 caponsusually = 8 bushels] 6 hens60 quarters of demesne barley 7 mature geese30 quarters of demesne beans 21 young geese50 quarters of demesne oats and dredge [barley/ All the timber from a building which was at the park oats mixture] gate, which timber is in the big shedhay from 30 acres of demesne meadowland3 sacks of wool, then worth 24 marks [13shillings and 4d]In the tithe barn are the tithe crops themselvesREFERENCES:[blada ipsarum decimarum], namely from the villsThe Minster Library Archiveof Wilton, Youlthorpe, Gowthorpe, Bolton and Belthorpe: Revised Medieval Latin Dictionary, R E Latham, ed, wheat from Wilton and Belthorpe -60 quarters (British Academy, 1980)barley from Wilton and Belthorpe- 35 quarters Latin for Local History, Eileen A Gooder (Longman, oats and dredge from Wilton and Belthorpe -301978)quartersbeans and peas from Wilton and Belthorpe areInventories of the Property of the Treasurer of York, deposited in the demesne barn, and are estimated1297-8, Janet Burton, (Borthwick Institute Bulletin, to be 10 quartersVol 3 No 3, 1985)wheat tithes from Youlthorpe, Gowthorpe and Bolton - 30 quarters Encyclopaedia Britannicarye tithe from Bolton12 quarters A Medieval Farming Glossary of Latin and English barley from the said vills8 quarters Words, John L Fisher (Essex Record Office, 2003)oats and dredge from the said vills30 quarters172 BULLETIN 11'