b'larch posts be got for the same. The clerk to write tokindness. Mr Bramley kindly undertook to see after Sir Tatton Sykes asking leave to place the lamps onthe removal of the Lamps.Village Green. Mar 12 1906 It was unanimously agreed that T Jan 28 1901 Mr Lygrove proposed and MrFoster should have an extra 6d per week for lighting Robinson seconded that the offer of Thomas Fosterthe extra lamp in the village. be accepted, agreed at 3/6 per week. Mar 11 1935Attention was called to the state Mr Robson proposed and Mr Newby secondedof 2 wooden lamp posts in the Village and it was that a ladder be bought for putting out and lightingdecided that they be examined and removed if fit for lamps. Agreed. Mr Bailey to make it. the purpose be placed in the playing field for netball Sept 1 1902 Mr Wilitoft proposed and Mrposts, if not they be used as firewood.Bramley seconded that the Council proceed at onceApr 15 1946Letter from Buckrose Light & Power to put the Lighting Act in force. The meeting thenCo Ltd re proposed public lighting of Bishop Wilton unanimously agreed to purchase another lamp for thepromising that arrangements would be made for their street. Mr Robson and Mr Newby to purchase andrepresentative to meet the clerk.see after the work of its erection. June 17 1946The price quoted by Buckrose Oct 10 1902 The Chairman informed the meetingfor the erection of eleven street lighting brackets and that only one application had been received for thereflectors would be approx 50. Control circuit wire lighting of the lamp, Thomas Foster, who asked 5/-and service connections would cost 17.16.3, making per week for the work. a capital charge of 67.16.3. The Annual Charge and Mar 20 1903 A wish was expressed that moreMaintenance would amount to 11 while the charge lamps should be added as soon as possible. for current from 1st Sept to 30th April,assuming Sept 14 1903 Only one application was receivedlighting hours from half an hour after sunset to 11pm, for the post of lamplighter, namely Robert Wales, whowould be a further 11, allowing a margin the total was engaged for the season at the rate of 5/6 perannual charge would be approx 22.3.6. In order to week. meet the Annual Charge it would be necessary to levy Jan 25 1905Chairman read a letter from Ja rate of 2d (each half year if the Product of a 1d Eldridge Esq, Bishop Auckland, offering to the Parishrate brought in 5 a year). Voting 11 for, none against.Council the two Lamps at the Vicarage as a memento of his Fathers long connection with the Parish. The[Photographs elsewhere in this Bulletin show two Clerk to write to Mr Eldridge thanking him for hislamps in situ in the village on their wooden posts]Fishers Corner During the War YearsPhotograph supplied by Billy KingF ishers corner changed dramatically in 2005 withbrother, Arthur. They were later joined by their mother the building of two new houses. This photographand two-week old brother, Alan, after their father got shows it as it was during the years of WWII. Billy Kingcalled up. Were not quite sure if thats Billy or Arthur was evacuated to Bishop Wilton from Hull with hisposing in the photograph.192 BULLETIN 12'