b'Bishop Wilton CharitiesKate PrattBefore St Ediths church was renovated in 1858/9We know in some detail about these Tables there were 2 boards displayed, which listed theof Benefaction because in 1822 the Rev William various Doles or charitable donations which had beenMetcalfe, the Minister of Bishop Wilton at that time, left to the church to benefit the poor of the parish. contacted the Charity Commissioners to attempt to clear up a problem he was experiencing with Account of the Charitable Sothebys Dole, number 3 on the first board. He Donations distributed yearly to the wrote, with quiet desperation:Poor of the Township of Bishop Wilton The 2 per annum paid out of certain Lands at Sprotcliff mentioned as above 1.Three shillings & four pence paid by theNo 3 has been withheld from the Poor of Lord of the Manor in bread once every fourthis Township for about 4 years last past weeks, the gift of Sir Wm Hildyard, Kt, 1632 although it appears by the poor Books it 2.The Annual rent of twenty-two acres ofhas been always paid for above 100 years land, the gift of Messrs Ralph Quarton &(until the year 1818) until a new agent of Thos. Sanderson in 1701 a Mr Constable of Burton Constable in 3.Two pounds per annum rent of land atHolderness has thought proper to withhold Sprotclif, the gift of Messrs Thos & Ralphthe same from the poor, his plea is this: Sotheby He will not pay it any longer unless we will 4.Ten Shillings per annum out of land atshow him a Deed of a Messrs Thos & Ralph Kilnwick, the gift of Mr Wood Sotherby why Mr Constable ought to pay 5.One shilling & eight pence, paid by Johnit. We the Trustees cannot shew any such Todd deed and this Township is very poor been 6.Two shillings & four pence, paid bymostly Tenants at rack rent & not able to go Richard West to Law for 2 per annum; besides we think 7.Three shillings paid by Robt Williamson it ridiculous to ask the Parish Officers for a 8.Two shillings & six pence, paid by GeorgeDeed which they never had, as the Deed Stubbings mostly goes into the Hands of the Person 9.Six shillings & six pence paid by Joy Best that Holds the Estate & this 2 is only chargeable upon this Estate at SprotcliffeBe it remembered that Wm Walgate late of thethe Commissioners for Charities could help Parish of Bishop Wilton deceased, did by histhe Parish Officers how to come at it they last Will & Testament give to ye Poor of ye saidwould be gratefully thankful to them. Township of Bishop Wilton the sum of fiveIn order to clear the matter up, the Charity shillings to be paid yearly out of a copyholdCommissioners came the following year to interview close called Nevil Row. Rev Metcalfe and William Watson, one of the In order to fulfil my Fathers intention I, RichardChurchwardens, to get the full story on the Doles. The Walgate, have agreed with Mark MastermanBorthwick Institute at York University has amongst its Sykes Esq, the Lord of the said Manor, & paidrecords the notebook that Rev Metcalfe compiled so into his hands ye sum of ten guineas which hethat he could answer the Commissioners questions has acknowledged by receipt, registered in yeand their report is filed at the Public Record Office at Parish Register Book. Kew.And he on his part, engages by his agent JohnSir William Hildyards CharityPhilips,to pay or cause to be paid to the poor widows or widowers of the said Township yearlyRev Metcalfe noted that this Dole was as a result ye sum of eight shillings, five in bread and threeof Sir William Hildyards will of 1632 in which he in money, ye first Sunday after Holy Roods daycharged that rents from certain fields owned by him as for ever. Lord of the Manor should be paid out in the following way:Witness for ye above agreement that 10/- parcel thereof every month Wm Metcalfe Vicar should be given to such a preacher as the Geo Wilson ) owner of the said house should appoint & Sam Elliot ) Inhabitants should preach a sermon in Wilton church Geo Petty ) every month & that 3/4d should be upon 208 BULLETIN 12'