b'respect of a house & garth in the town ofCharities Review, there are some remnants of these Bishop Wilton his property and formerlyDoles to the present day.Chief among them is the belonging to Benjamin Cobb. rent from what are still known as the Poor Lands. As Jeremiah Cobb pays out of his housewe discovered above, these two fields were awarded 1/8d. This is paid by John Todd in respectto the Churchwardens and the Overseers of the Poor of a house and garth in the Town ofof Bishop Wilton at the time of the Enclosures in lieu Bishop Wilton, the property of Todd andof the strips that they used to hold in the open fields. now occupied by a tenant of his.Until 1960 the Poor Lands field along Pocklington Alexander Mitchell pays out of his houseLane was let to 3 different tenants, and the one down 2/6d, now paid by Elizabeth Mitchell,Bray Gate called Awnhams Meadow, of just over widow, in respect of a house and small5 acres, was rented in strips by 5 different people garth in Bishop Wilton belonging to Robinson, Wilson, Sissons, Horner and another her. Barnards Walgate CharityHenryRobinson. It was declared a Site of Special Scientific Barnard. 8/- a year paid by the Tenant ofInterest in 1988, the Nature Conservancy Council the Manor House on behalf of the Lorddeclaring it to be one of the best remaining examples of the Manor. Part is distributed by him inof agriculturally unimproved grassland supporting bread and part in money on the Sundaya rich variety of flowering plants in the County of after Hallow Rood Day. It is not knownHumberside. Both fields are managed by the Poor how it is linked to Barnard. Lands Trustees, who distribute money at Christmas to These rents are added to other charitablethe widows and widowers of the village.funds for distribution of coals to poorThe Woods Dole was also administered by the families of the parish, generally inTrustees of the Poor Lands until 1960. The Charity chaldrons and half chaldrons 1 . TheCommission explained:persons receiving the coals are selectedThomas Wood of Kilnwick Percy left by the parish officers and principalan annual sum of 10 which he charged inhabitants at some of the vestry meetingsupon his estate at Kilnwick Percy to be which are held once a fortnight. Certainlydistributed in various proportions among in 1786 it was customary to give awaythe poor of 44 neighbouring parishes these funds at Xmas and Easter in money.and townships. The proportion payable The present vicar who came to the parishto Bishop Wilton is 10s [to Youlthorp and at that period considering such a modeBoulton is 1/8d each].of distribution to be liable to abuse,As I think you are aware, Lord Hotham proposed to the parishioners to adoptthe present owner of the Kilnwick Percy the present course that has been sinceEstate, has redeemed the whole charge of pursued and has been found a beneficial10 by transferring to the Official Trustees alteration.of Charitable Funds a sum of 2 % On inspecting the Overseers books, itTreasury Stock, 1975 or after, sufficient to appears that the expenditure of theseproduce in dividends an annual income of charities had been for some time mixed10. This income will be remitted by the up with the general Overseers accounts.Official Trustees to the trustees of each A distinct entry had however been madeshare of the charity in the proportions to for the year ending in March 1822 bywhich they are entitled.which it appeared that the doles receivedThe redemption of the charge on these amounted to 33/6/6 and this had beenterms would seem to be of advantage to expended in coals 15/3/6 leaving athe charity as the trustees will receive the balance of 18/3/- for which credit wassame income and at the same time be given in the accounts of the charityrelieved of the trouble of collecting the funds. small annual sum. Letter from Charity The Charity Commissioners discovered that anCommission, London, 25 May 1960amount of 30 held by various persons over theMrs Eileen Hopper can remember the weekly years on behalf of the Poor is now untraceable anddistribution of bread at the Church in the 1920s, and presumed lost. recalls that it was welcomed by its recipients. Malcolm Burgess remembers distributing Hovis loaves round Present day the village in the 1930s, to a decreasing number of Although the smaller charities were apparentlypeople. And finally, Garrowby Estate still administer amalgamated in 1979 by the Humberside Countywhat they refer to as the Hildyard and Walgate 1 A chaldron is a dry measure, when used for coal it represents 36 bushels. 210 BULLETIN 12'