b'The Hearth TaxWendy GildingT axes are never popular, but the Hearth Tax washouseholders, in this case as delivered to the Quarter worse than ever. Cromwells Commonwealth wasSessions on Lady Day 1672. We can also compare over, and Charles II arrived from Europe with suspectthe fluctuations of population in and between records foreign and religious ideas. In 1662 the Cavalierfrom different taxes.Parliament decided to impose a tax of 2 shillings perThe Hearth Tax collection was so unreliable, annum on each hearth or stove in all houses whoseraising only a fraction of the estimated amount, that owner had property worth 20 shillings or more, unlessa Receiver General was appointed, and collection receiving alms or poor relief. twice farmed out by contract. In 1684 a Special The village constable and tithing-man listed thoseCommission was appointed to undertake all liable for the tax. If not satisfied with the house- collections, but in 1689 the tax was abandoned.holders statement, the constable was empoweredThe number of hearths is only given in this list to search the house. What an intrusion and whowhere there was more than one. I have not put them knew what he might spot when nosing around! Thein alphabetical order, as they could possibly be in tax was evaded wherever possible; however, it is ofhouse order round the village.interest to historians, as we are given the names of Ric. Darley12 Mary Barnard Wm. WardMr Tho. Peacock 4 Tho. Arnold 3 Wm. Richardson 2Mr Ralph Barnard 4 John Hall Wm. Harper 3Tho. Watterworth Wm. Tate jun. Pett. Quarton senHugh Jackson Andw. Hall Peter Quarton junSam. Hebden Tho. Sanderson sen. Mr Phinis Atkison of4Widd[ow] Sanderson John Waer 3 Bellthorpe GraingeRobt. Sanderson Tho. Hide Wm. Burton forgeRobt. Williamson Ric. Sanderson sen Wm. Cobb forgeBartho. Sanderson Wm. Perkin 104 Wm. Stevenson Ric. Graves These persons following are Wm. Cobb Thos. Oliver discharged by legall certificate:John Sanderson jun. Mich. Herbett Wm. MorleyMarm. Kettelsy Widd[ow] Barnard Edw. BollamWidd[ow] Haxby Wm. Tate Marg. BollamJohn Robinson jun. 2 Marm. Harper Margt.RichardsonOswould Borse Eliz. Michell Ann WangWidd[ow] Etty Tho. Tindall John TindallJohn Simpson John Jelleyson Eliz. HarbyJohn Sanderson sen. Wm. Staveler Alice TrayneTho. Carlton Issabell Hodgson Eliz. MaysonTho. Butler Tho. Stillburne Eliz. ChambersRich. Cobb Wm. Sanderson Margt. RoscallRich. Boze Jam. Clarkson Hester PeacockEliz. Boze Tho. Sanderson Jane ShannElex. Burton Tho. Clarkson Jane JohnsonJohn Greane Wm. Burton John WilliamsonTho. Richardson Rich. Bayley Alice GravesWm. Richardson Ralph Banks John HaxbyFran. Chambers Wm. Carner Robt. RichardsonGeo. Oliver Rich. Oliver Alex. MitchellRich. Stamford Rich. Sanderson jun 4 Robt. MooreforthRalph BarnardViewed Edw. LambertColl.Wm Carver, ConstableLady Day 1672Transcribed by Ripon Historical Society and Ripon & Harrogate & District Family Group.Comments on Hearth Tax from Village Records by John WestBULLETIN 14 261'