b'Show Loo Seat Survives!Mike PrattI n Memories of the Bishop Wilton Show above,Do you remember these wooden toilet facilities? Irene Megginson alludes to toilet facilities which arePerhaps you remember sitting on them or even best forgotten. Well, here I am pictured with the lastemptying the contents after the Show? Who made remaining wooden loo seat from a three-seater unitthem? If you have any answers please get in touch!that could have been part of what Irene wishes to forget.The stable block in front of the the Village Hall was renovated around 1979 (see The Show Boxes in Bulletin 14)and the store of old Show equipment was cleared out ready to be dumped. Kate spotted the garden potential of some of the items and agreed to save them.We retrieved two three-seater units and installed them (for leisure purposes) in our back garden. As they deteriorated over the years I salvaged bits and made smaller and smaller items of garden furniture until I am left with just one loo seat and its hinges. It is heavily wood-wormed so I continue to treat it with preservative until the day it finally crumbles.World War II Invasion SchemeKate & Mike Pratt: Based on the original document supplied by the late Alan HobbsThe Document Comes To LightA chance meeting with the late Alan Hobbs in Pocklington led to him mentioning that he had found an old document in his garage that the Local History Group might be interested in. He subsequently handed it over to the Group in time for it to be displayed at an exhibition in the Village Hall in 2003. Identifying the document as a rare example of its kind we considered it worthy of publicity. The coverage in the Pocklington Post of 3rd July 2003 is reproduced here.The fact that it had survived due to the foresight of its creator, the Reverend Richard Fawcett, who kept it and then handed it over to Alan was significant enough. The fact that it was so carefully typed and bound made it even more special. HISTORICAL DOCUMENT:Considering the number of such schemes that Former headteacher of Bishop Wilton School Alan must have been produced across the country duringHobbs with Kate Pratt, founder of the villages the war it is surprising that only a few seem to haveHistory Group, and the wartime document.survived. Perhaps the fact that they were secret at the time and only known to the local Invasion CommitteesHistorical Backgroundhad some bearing on this. Beginning in 1940, Invasion Committees were set Coverage in the Bulletin is long overdue. It isup throughout the country to take responsibility for prompted by the fact that the document has beenlocal arrangements should the Germans invade. These deposited with the East Riding Archives at the TreasureCommittees had to prepare secret Invasion Schemes House in Beverley. This means that it will be availablebased on criteria issued by the Ministry of Home for public study but does not preclude repossessionSecurity and keep them up to date throughout the war.by the village at some future date e.g. for display at anThere is very little historical information about these exhibition.BULLETIN 16 295'