b'2. Dora Harrison 1. A. Banks100 yds handicap for girls over 10 2. C. Johnson1. Alice Wilson One Mile Flat Race2. L. Robinson Although the starters are identified the winners do not 80 yds for boys under 10 seem to be.1. Fred Wales Consolation Race2. Arthur Wilson V. Bryant100 yds for boys over 10 Not all the labels in the photograph are readable. 1. W. Anderson But it appears that H. Foster won the clock; W. 2. H. Harrison Anderson won a pocket watch; A. Banks won the 120 yds hcap for residents in Show District teapot; Mabel Milburn won the salt cellar and V. 1. H. Foster Bryant won the Consolation Prize of a carving set. We 2. A. Johnson wonder if any of the items have been handed down as 120 yds open handicap heirlooms?1. J. Warters2. G. Javerley120 yds handicap for farm servantsA photograph Harold infrom around later lifethe time of probablythe Show in around 1914.1907 showing We haveHarold, Dora written aboutand Wilfred the photos ofHarrison. Dora the Harrisoncame 2nd in family (andthe 80 yds about Haroldhandicap and in particular)Harold came in Bulletins2nd in the 100 10 & 15. yds.BULLETIN 19 381'