b'at Christmas and weddings). unnecessary.A Band of Hope outing from Pocklington toOne female servant, hired on a daily basis from the Beechwood in 1914 with (from left to right) Hollie,village, set off to walk home one dark foggy evening. cousins Tom, Charles & Dulcie, and Dorothy. She got completely disoriented and lost her way. She was found the next morning in a distressed state Apprentices having spent the whole night walking round and round It was usual for young men from a farming family tothe same field.work for a time on another farm, often belonging to aIn her later years Dorothy would relate to her relative or neighbour, to learn the trade and assimilatenieces, in a deliciously shocked way, all the old gossip new ideas. When Godfrey Thurgoland was working atand scandal of village life 50 years previously. By the Beechwood it was not unknown for him and Hollie totime shed finished we were laughing so much, we disappear on a rabbit shooting expedition much to theconcluded that the tales in Lady Chatterleys Lover disgruntlement of the labourers. by D. H. Lawrence and Fanny Hill by John Cleland Quote: could all have been based on goings-on in Bishop If youve one boy, youve got a boy. Wilton!If youve two boys, youve half a boy. [Jean Wilson is the daughter of Hollie Houfe. In 1994, If youve three boys, youve no boy at all.she corresponded with Betty Robinson, who was Bishop Anon. Wilton School secretary at the time. Betty handed that correspondence to me in 2001. When I attempted to Staff contact Jean in 2002 she was still at the same address in One Irish stableman was excellent with a team ofBeverley and very happy to meet to talk about her family. 4 black Shire horses. They were always immaculatelySubsequently she provided the write-up printed above turned out with beautifully glossy coats but whenand the accompanying photographs. the Irishman left they sickened and died and it wasIn 1917 Beechwood became part of the Garrowby suspected that he had been adding some stimulant toEstate when it was bought by Major Edward L. Wood their feed. along with other land and property in Bishop Wilton. When The Irishmen slept above the stable and theythe Houfes moved from Beechwood in 1924 there was a never washed but did change their clothes regularly.farm sale for which records still exist. A further article will They appeared clean and healthy and gave Hollie thecover these two events. Mike Pratt]lasting impression that frequent washing was entirely What is the connection? AnswerAnother name for a ridge is land (in & around Bishopthe grooves of a rifle bore and between the furrows of Wilton, a field with signs of ridge and furrow is calleda mill-stone.landed); land is also used for the space between BULLETIN 3 37'