b'Owen Robinson & his MorganBased on material supplied by Martin RobinsonT he accompanying photographs of Owen RobinsonsMorgan were taken, it is thought, between 1951 and 1956. Based on these, the son of Owen Robinsons cousin, Martin Robinson, has been attempting to find out what has happened to the vehicle since.It seems that Owen owned the Super Sports Three Wheeler during the 1950s for about 10 years. Martin has discovered that there is still a live record for the registration number of JY 770 with the DVLA but has not yet found its location.In his attempts to track the vehicle down Martin has solicited the help of the official magazine of The Morgan Three Wheeler Club (he is actually a Vincent owner and not a member of the Club, yet). In the July 2009 edition of the Club Bulletin a certain Steve Lister displays the photographs here, gives technical details of the vehicleand asks the question, where is it?. For enthusiasts, Steve Listers assessment of the Morgan is as follows:Note the door??; lack of headlights 1 ; the spinners on the hubs; strengthening bracket for the starter handle (it is believed the tunnel was damaged); the lift a dots along the top of the screen glasses. Apparently when Owen bought the Morgan it had extra high screens (not mentioned in the factory records), so he replaced them, but strangely the car is thought not to have a hood (despite the lift a dots).We will provide a follow-up to this story if Martin does track down the registration number and if it is still on the current manifestation of Owens Morgan. The headlights do exist on the vehicle in theundated photograph opposite.1The headlights do exist on the vehicle in theundated photograph on the front cover of this Bulletin.BULLETIN 19 389'