b'Memories of William CookW e continue to correspond with Captain William Cook in Canada. After receiving the last bulletin he said that he was sorry to read that we could not maintain our regular publication schedule due to lack of material. It spurred him to share some of his memories of the village.He recalls:In Bulletin 18 there is a photo of the houses to the left of the entry gates to the church yard. The first one to the left was occupied by Mr & Mrs Raimes. He was handicapped & used a wheel chair. Mrs Raimes had been a keen horsewoman. On one occasion she dressed my youngest brother, Peter, in her hunting pink coat & riding cap for a fancy dress ball. He won the first prize. He was about 4 years old.Next to the Raimes house was the butchery. Dennis Turner & I once spied through a crack in the door whilst the butcher, Mr Garforth, felled a beast to theFrom a press cutting dated July 5th 1986 when floor. We boys used to ask for the animalsCaptain William Cook was in York visiting his bladder which we used as a football. brother, the late Peter Cook.In a subsequent letter, prompted by talk of a new village hall, William remembered:When I was a lad at Bishop Wilton School [see photograph] the men met in the school cloakroom where there was a large billiard table and the WI used the school. Whist drives & dances were held there too.Knowing that there were two lines of Cooks in the village at the same time, the one not obviously related to the other, we asked William for information on his Cook lineage and he sent us this information:James Henry Cook (a small holding farmer) married Selina Skinner (see photograph) & they had:1. Charles who married Nellie Pearson of Meltonby and they had:DorothyRonaldJoan2. Wilfrid who married Maria Oliver of Leppington and they had:William Henry 1920George Albert 1922Alec John 1924 William Cook, hopefully correctly identified by his Peter Norman 1927 peers, on a school photograph from 1928.394 BULLETIN 19'