b'Bishop Wilton Manor HouseThe Chance Find of an Early Photograph: Kate PrattL ocal history is often a matter of tenacious detectivevanished or been moved elsewhere. [Ref: work, following up tenuous leads that very oftenL.726.5(5)]peter out. This time, however, we struck lucky. So of course we had to follow the trail. We In 1981 the Department of the History of Art atdrove immediately from Hull through to York, and Hull University held an exhibition to celebrate the worktracked down the reference of George Edmund Street in East Yorkshire. He wasto Henry Thelwell which one of the nationally important architects employedrather alarmingly only listed by Sir Tatton Sykes in his work of restoring the village3 volumes of photographs churches of the Wolds. A copy of the booklet thatof East Riding churches, accompanied this exhibition is held in the new Hullwhereas our interest was in History Centre, and in it is a reference to ThelwellsVolume 6! When they were photographs which implied that there was an earlyfinally located, however, view of the interior of St Ediths church at BishopVolume 6 was amongst Wilton! them. [Ref: Y942.7431 - see Reading on, I came across a footnote which wasaccompanying photograph] both enlightening and exciting: With mounting excitement we Henry Thelwell was the villageturned the pages, and there schoolmaster at Sledmere, an amateurfinally was the photograph photographer and historian. His notesof St Ediths; it was not the on Sir Tatton Sykess church buildinginterior view that we had been activities are in the York City Library, as areled to believe it would be, his surviving photographic albums. Onebut was a view of the church of these is devoted to Sledmere church.taken from the wall above the Volume 6 has more general views of Eastcrossroads, and from that Riding churches including early pictures ofangle it included the Manor Garton on the Wolds and Bishop Wilton,House, which was demolished showing Sykess fittings which have sincecirca 1901. We have seen 2 410 BULLETIN 20'