b'Major Swain and his FamilyMike Pratt - based on material supplied by Joan BarnettAlthough Major Swain (pictured below) has been mentioned in previous Bulletins we had no plans to focus attention on him or his family until we discovered that his grandaughter, Joan Barnett, lived in the area, at Fangfoss. It was through her that we decided we could glimpse a tragedy that engulfed the whole village in 1930.An iconic photograph of Major Swain and his wife on Main Street with their house (now No 73) in the background. They moved to the newly built Lal Koor in Park Lanein the late 1930s. Mrs Riley and her daughter Mary (who became Mary Rowley) moved into No. 73.According to Malcolm Burgess (see the extract from the interview we conducted with him), the Swains had the new bungalow, Lal Koor, built in 1936 or 1937. Here they are pictured outside the newly built property. We have published another photo that is similar to this, taken on the same day but without Major Swain. It was in Bulletin 15 entitled Rachel Frank c1935. We had correctly ascertained that Rachel had riding lessons from Major Swain.420 BULLETIN 20'