b'Frontispiece of Joseph Shooters book.I have searched the newspapers of the day*It was not unusual in those days for a well- seeking confirmation of his earlier life by way of anrespected priest to be awarded more than obituary but the only reference to his demise was aone parish and receive a stipend for both. The brief announcement under Death Notices in the Yorksecond incumbency he would, as we say today, Herald Dated 24th October 1857, which reads:- subcontract out to some minor cleric, in this On Tuesday 20 inst. After a very tedious andparticular instance Rev James Haycock BA. Of painful illness the Reverend Joseph Shooter, Vicarcourse this would be at a lesser figure than he of Bishop Wilton in this county and of Attenboroughhimself had received for the post.Notts. *The Shooter family vault is situated immediately behind the East window of the church, beneath the large holly tree. What Was It?The What Is It item (a round wooden pole, about 3 inches in diameter and 5 feet long with free-moving metal hooks every 4 inches) gave rise to some suggestions: it was for dragging chains behind a tractor; it was for smoking kippers; it was a poachers pole for the maturing of game birds. But it is possible that Henry Newby gets closest with the knowledge that a former resident of the house where the pole was found was a certain Levi Dales who was a wool dealer, so the hooks could have been used for hanks of wool.BULLETIN 5 71'