b'Also, numerous photographs and press cuttings depicting the celebrations have survived, like this one that appeared in 1939, with the caption: PICTURESQUE DERWENTSIDE MAY CEREMONY. In picturesque surroundings, children of Bishop Wilton C.E. School observed the traditional May Day customs. Top: Mrs Salmon crowing the May Queen, Narcissus (Nancy Jackson), with Harry Barker (school captain) and prefects of the school looking on. Bottom: The present queen with the retiring queen and six previous queens of Bishop Wilton.But back to the boards! With a view to recreating them, an attempt was made to find out what they looked like. This was helped by the fact that David Walker knew that his father had made them and when asked he remembered that they were made from the oak sides of a coffin! So, they were each 12 inches wide, 36 inches long and 1 inch thick with a shaped top and a half inch bevel all round. They were varnished and the details were painted on in black lettering in an old English script. Someone even remembered that they had a hole at the top for hanging!So far the general consensus is that they looked like this.We would be happy to hear from anyone who can correct any inaccuracies and from anyone with the skills needed to recreate the boards!BULLETIN 6 73'