From Linda the Rector:

A big thank you for all the support and good wishes after my operation. I may be off again in November for some treatment. Mike will cover for me and I will let the Churchwardens know the dates when I have them

Linda x

From Mike the Curate:

I have recently been reading “Things I learned from falling” by Claire Nelson. Claire is in her 30s and a writer and after burn out as a journalist in London takes time out to travel. The focus of the story is a terrible fall she sustains whilst walking amongst the Joshua Trees in an American wilderness. She breaks her pelvis and is marooned with apparently no hope of rescue because she hasn’t told anyone of her movements. As she reflects on her journey to this point she realises that by building a wall around herself and focussing on her independence she has cut herself off from people even though she does have good friends. She has fought so hard not to be seen as a “needy person” she has forgotten the truth that all of us are “people with needs” and there is no shame in vulnerability and being connected. She comes to realise and appreciate “Fundamentally we’re a bunch of different versions of ourselves, making up one, glorious, multifaceted human of so many colours and shapes. Most people we know are familiar with the external one (we present to the world)”. In her drive to be self-sufficient she has put herself at risk not only from not being found after her accident but also from not knowing and being known deeply by the people in her life who care for her.

Many of us try and present a face to the world that we think will be acceptable or liked and find it hard to share the deeper parts of ourselves, the parts of which we are in some way ashamed because we see them as weak or the parts that reveal our vulnerabilities.
In her story Claire come to celebrate the value of being “a part” of a community rather than setting herself “apart” as somehow strong enough to be an island.

The joy of living in village communities is we have a chance to “belong” and get to know people in a more intimate way over time and discover that even as we may from time to time reach out to others for support, by doing so we actually given them permission to reach out to us. This is also why we are as a nation recognising the value of real and abiding friendships, even if few in number. Facebook friends and Instagram posts can be enormously valuable but not at the cost of curating an image of ourselves behind which we hide and lose ourselves.

For me the gift of prayer has been a sense of acceptance of all the parts of me, the ones I celebrate and the ones with which I struggle. That has also been the gift of being part of a faith community which I have experienced as both a parish priest and prison chaplain.

If you are interested to explore any of these ideas, Brene Brown’s TED talk is not religious but explores these themes

Special Events

Saturday 9th October 7.30-10.30 Punch and Pudding in the Village Hall

Saturday 27th November 10.00 – 12.00 St Edith’s Christmas Bazaar in Village Hall – lots of stalls, refreshments and perfect for getting early Christmas presents


Meditation Group

I will lead the group on Monday 4th October at 7.00pm in St Edith’s. In the first session Mike looked at using a word or phrase to centre ourselves. In this session we will explore using stories from the Gospels.


I would be delighted to hear from any families who have put off having a christening because of the pandemic. Timing can be flexible in any of the churches so please do get in touch

Harvest Festivals

With each of our village communities being distinctive as well as sharing much in common as farming communities we are having a harvest celebration in each church which has been something sadly lacking during the pandemic:

Sunday 10th October 09.15 St Andrew’s Bugthorpe followed by Brunch, details to follow

Sunday 10th October 4.00pm St Mary’s Full Sutton with the Garrowby Singers followed by refreshments

Sunday 17th October at 11.15 Kirby Underdale followed by refreshments in church – having consulted with the Churchwardens the view was that the traditional Friday evening Harvest Supper wasn’t practical this year as it will be hard to follow guidance on hands, face, space and fresh air in the village hall. It is much easier to ensure good ventilation in church. I very much hope things will be more normal by next year but at least we can meet together.

Sunday 24th October10.00am On Line Harvest

Sunday 24th October 4.00pm at Bishop Wilton Harvest Songs of Praise followed by fruit pie, and scones in church

Sunday 7th November 10.00 St Mary Skirpenbeck Harvest for All followed by refreshments in church

Benefice Service for the Fifth Sunday 31st October 11.15

The fifth Sunday service for all the churches will be at All Saints Kirby Underdale this time as it is the day before All Saint’s day which is their patronal festival. The preacher will be the Revd. Francis Loftus who hasn’t been able to lead worship here since the end of the vacancy so is looking forward to coming back. Francis and I trained together.


As you will remember we went into lockdown just before Remembrance so I read the names at Bugthorpe and Mike at Bishop Wilton. It will be good to be able to meet together this year to Remember

09.15 Bugthorpe – Eucharist in Church followed by Act of Remembrance at the War Memorial outside the Institute

10.55 Bishop Wilton – please be in church before the 11.00 silence and we will then share in our Remembrance Service

4.00pm Full Sutton – the evening service will include an Act of Remembrance

Advent Sunday 28th November

4.00pm St Edith’s, service of music and readings with the Garrowby Singers – if you haven’t been to this before why not come. It is a lovely way to reflect before the busyness of Christmas preparations.

The Broadcast service will continue at 10.00 each Sunday and available through, the YouTube channel “Linda Munt” and you can also receive a weekly e mail with the links if you send your details to Mike at We have found since things have opened up that the majority of “views” have been on catch up so we will prerecord the services so that we can cover the “in church” services as well as to provide an opportunity for worship for those who are finding the broadcast services a helpful addition to their devotional life or if they are having to isolate.



Eileen Huffington - Friday 20th August - St Andrew’s Bugthorpe

Pat Glover  - Wednesday 15th September - St Edith’s Bishop Wilton

May they rest in peace and rise in glory


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