In spite of the difficulties of the past year there have been many good news stories alongside the real challenges brought by the pandemic.

There has been growing neighbourly care, and the work done by our two village shops has been invaluable. The website and sense of village community in Bugthorpe has been developed and there are similar moves in Skirpenbeck as well as the ongoing communication through Facebook pages in the other villages. As you know the Garrowby churches too have gone on line and a new website developed since the start of the pandemic. We have also seen exciting developments in the church at Skirpenbeck as detailed in Penny’s article. We worried when Derek Small left after many years of service that no one would be able to pick up on his work, but we now have a churchwarden, a treasurer the beginnings of a PCC and a commitment to look creatively at the church ground and fabric. We will be looking to start services there again in September with a “Service for All” rather than the format we used before

the pandemic given the fact that many of the younger end of the congregation are now teenagers. We hope the worship will be accessible to all ages. The great strength of the Garrowby Benefice is the people as well as the buildings and it is exciting to see people coming forward to develop Messy Church which will probably be based in Bishop Wilton but serving the Benefice. Going forward we will need to look at how the different churches can serve the whole Benefice offering their own particular gifts even if that does mean a bit of travelling for people. We have glimpsed how this can work before the pandemic with shared Advent and Lent Courses, Garden parties shared between different churches, an evening Celtic service at Full Sutton and a youth group at the Rectory and so on.

As restrictions ease we will be reviewing how we can work most effectively as both individual village churches and as a Benefice as a whole to serve our villages and also the wider Garrowby Family who join us on on-line on a Sunday.

Warm wishes

Linda x

Church Services

At the time of writing there has been no guidance from the Diocese about how the potential opening up in June will affect churches and church services. In the light of this we will be continuing the pattern that we have followed during the pandemic with the churches in Kirby Underdale, Bugthorpe and Bishop Wilton being open both for private prayer and for 11.15 Holy Communion services on a three weekly rotation. The guidance continues to be that masks are to be worn and communion received in one kind only.

We are exploring how best to develop the work both at Skirpenbeck and Full Sutton and whether it might be possible to keep the churches open but apart from the event at Skirpenbeck it is likely that worship will not recommence until after the school holidays in September.

For the time being there continues to be no possibility of singing by the congregation and other forms of choral singing are discouraged. We very much hope that the Garrowby Singers will be able to start practicing again in September and we can look forward to them, helping with our worship in the autumn as Harvest Festival celebrations begin.

The Broadcast service will continue at 10.00 each Sunday and available through, the YouTube channel “Linda Munt” and you can also receive a weekly e mail with the links if you send your details to Mike at . The weekly views are around 40 households most weeks with significantly higher number for the festivals such as Holy Week and Easter and so we hope to continue with this going forward as it means that the broadcast service is reaching around 60-70 people some of whom are also coming to church.

11.15 Holy Communion Service in Church

23rd May St Edith’s Bishop Wilton: Pentecost
30th May St Andrew’s Bugthorpe: Trinity
6th June All Saints Kirby Underdale
13th June  St Edith’s Bishop Wilton
20th June  St Andrew’s Bugthorpe
27th June  All Saints Kirby Underdale
4th July  St Edith’s Bishop Wilton
11th July  St Andrew’s Bugthorpe
18th July  All Saints Kirby Underdale
25th July  St Edith’s Bishop Wilton
1st August St Andrew’s Bugthorpe
8th August All Saints Kirby Underdale
In Memoriam

Internment of ashes

John Sissons - Saturday 1st May - All Saints Kirby Underdale

Margaret Potter - Tuesday 4th May - St Andrew’s Bugthorpe

Rest eternal grant unto them O Lord, and let light perpetual shine upon them.

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