b'Figure 1The Palace site is marked as Hall Garth. The Park references are: Little Park, Lakeing Park, Low Parks, High Parks & Park Head.is the only contemporary indication of its existenceon the south that is formed on the other three sides that has so far come to light. by the moat. The contention is that the southern We will leave that hanging for the moment andboundary of the Palace site was not the beck but an move on to 1661. There is a document in the Archivesearthwork bank a little further to the south that had a at Hull University for October of that year 6that recordsbreak in it for a gate that allowed access to the Deer a transaction related to Bishop Wilton. Who wasPark. Not only that. On the south side of the beck, involved in that transaction and why does not reallywithin the boundary formed by the earthworks, there matter at this moment. The document mentionsis evidence on at least two aerial photographs for a pockets of land or closes in Bishop Wilton calledpossible base for a squarish structure. It is suggested Lakin Parke, Hallfield, Hallgarth, Lodge Garth, Lowethat this structure could have been the Lodge that Park, Highe-Parke, Cowclose, Ewe Gang, etc. gave the plot its name of Lodge Garth.You will be able to see that all these closes areWhat is the significance of this? Once again we shown on the plan of 1765 in Figure 1all exceptturn to Susan Neave:one! Lodge Garth is missing. As the list seems toMost of the larger parks contained a lodge, go round the plan in some kind of sequence we canwhich commonly provided a permanent speculate that Lodge Garth, although not shown, liesresidence for the park keeper but which might between Hall Garth and the Low Parks.also be used to accommodate hunting parties.The land lying to the south of the Palace site, onAlthough it does not help with the location the south side of the beck, appears to be an integralof Lodge Garth there is a reference in an earlier part of it because it is bounded by an interrupteddocument of 1587 to a plot called Foster Lodge 7 (in a earthwork bank that continues the shape of the sitesimilar list to that above). With the term of Lodge as 6University of Hull Brynmor Jones Library, Ref: DDSY/4/173Bargain and Sale for 10s.7University of Hull Brynmor Jones Library, Ref: DDSY/3/25Inspeximus of Letters Patent.BULLETIN 7 103'