b'Bishop WiltonLocal History Bulletin 3 -15 March 2003History in the MakingI nterspersed with group meetings to pool ideas, the Local History Group had two talks in 2002. In October, Warwick Burton gave the very first one on the subject of Domestic vernacular architecture of the region from the Middle Ages to the 18th Century. Unfortunately the photographer was concentrating so much he forgot to take any photos for the archives! After Warwick, we called on local talent and in December Irene Megginson spokeIrene Megginson spoke informatively and informatively and entertainingly on Farmentertainingly on Farm Lads of the East RidingLads of the East Riding. As a writer of books and contributor to the Dalesman she already has a solid fan base. Having lived and farmed in the area for some time she was able to speak from experience.Staying with local talent, in January 2003, Andrew Sefton spoke on Bishop Wilton in the 18th Century. Born and bred at Hall Farm in the village, Andrew has been involved in local history for a quarter of a century.Now he was able to make history himselfAndrew Sefton spoke on Bishop Wilton in the 18th by giving a talk using a laptop PC and aCentury.linked projector in our venerable Village Hall. This was the first time a Powerpoint presentation was made in the village using a laptop and projector.Andrew covered 1100 years of Bishop Wiltons history in a way that helped us to understand its development and made us realise what a wide range of documentary evidence there is.BULLETIN 3 23'