b'revolved around digging (sometimes called baringRobert Pegg, Aged 59 - HeadBrickyard Labourer clay) and then carting the clay. Some were making born Wilberfossgrooved bricks, some were making long bricks. SomeGeorge Hardwick, Aged 46HeadBrickyard were grinding the clay and making clips (whateverLabourerborn Swintonthose are!). They were baring clay for 2-3 days, thenJames Lazenby, Aged 17Brickyard Labourersetting the kiln for 2-3 days and burning the kiln forborn Bishop Wilton2-3 days. Wages were paid for drawing the kiln andAs Keziah Clough was born in Sutton on Derwent for night burning the kiln.and the next child, William, was born in Bishop Wilton, At Bishop Wilton the resources for brick and tilethis indicates that George Clough arrived in the making were abundant; the sand & gravel wouldvillage between 1854 and 1856. This is an excellent be locally available in the Pocklington area and alsoindication of when the Brickworks first started in the Vale of York. With the arrival of the railway toBishop Wilton. Pocklington Railway Station opened in Pocklington and Fangfoss, coal would also be locally1847 and this meant coal was available to Pocklington available. Wood for fires would be easily availableat much lower cost than before and probably from the Wold escarpment nearby and clay was to bemade the Brickworks at Bishop Wilton into a viable found in a narrow band running along the foot of theproposition.Wolds through Bishop Wilton. These resources also led to a large Brickworks appearing in Pocklington,1871 Censuswhich lasted much longer than the Bishop Wilton one,In the 1871 census there is a reference to probably because it was nearer to the railway station. Brickyard House which follows the entry for Cowslip There are no references to the Brickyard in theHill and Village Farm House:1841 or the 1851 Census, but the 1861 census is full of references: George Clough, Age 49HeadBrickyard 1861 Census Labourerborn NewportMary Clough, Age 48Wifeborn NewportSchedule 1 - Brick Yard Francis Jordon, Age 81Father-in-lawborn George Clough, Age 39HeadBrick and TileBeefordMakerborn Newport, Yorkshire Elizabeth Clough, Age 12DaughterScholarMary Clough, Age 38Wife - born Newport,born Bishop WiltonYorkshire Sarah Clough, Age 10DaughterScholarborn Hannah Clough, Age 9DaughterScholar - bornBishop WiltonSutton upon Derwent Francis Clough, Age 6SonScholarborn Keziah Clough, Age 7DaughterScholarbornBishop WiltonSutton upon Derwent There is also a second entry for Brickyard House William Clough, Age 5SonScholarbornwhich seems to be in the village:Bishop Wilton Richard Barnes, Age 21HeadBrickyard labourer Mary Clough, Age 4DaughterScholarborn born Bolton, YorkshireBishop Wilton Kezia Barnes, Age 18Wifeborn Sutton on Elizabeth Clough, Age 2Daughterborn BishopDerwentWilton John Barnes, Age 4 months - Sonborn Bishop Sarah Clough, Age 1 monthDaughterbornWiltonBishop Wilton Kezia Barnes was George Cloughs daughter John Jorden, Age 17ServantBrick Makerbornand married Richard Barnes from Bolton. Richard Newport, Yorkshire obviously joined the family business of brickmaking.Schedule 2Brick Yard 1881 CensusRobert Harrison, Age 35HeadBrick Maker In the 1881 census in the entry next to Cowslip born Pocklington Hill are the Fenton family:Ann Harrison, Age 36Wifeborn Barmby MoorJohn Harrison, Age 2SonScholarborn BishopSamuel Fenton, Age 42 - HeadLabourer brickyard WiltonBorn Hunstanton, NorfolkThe next Schedule was for Cowslip Hill (now calledMargaret Fenton, Age 42 - WifeBorn YorkWilton Lodge farm), which indicates it is next to theF. Wm. Fenton, Age 20 - SonLabourer brickyardBrickyard houses. born MelbournOther workers lived in separate houses in theS.E. Fenton, Age 18 - SonLabourer brickyardvillage: born MelbournBULLETIN 15 269'