b'Belthorpe Grange 1629A map discovered by Andrew Sefton.R esearches on the internet led Andrew Sefton to the discovery of a map held by York City Archives entitled A Plott of the Manor farm and lands called Belthorpe Grange dated 1629. Subsequent contact with the Archives resulted in them kindly supplying scanned images of the multi-coloured map. As it had to be scanned in sections and due to its crinkled nature you can see that the composite image is a little misaligned but this does not detract from its value. To compare it with a current OS map or the one provided on page 26 you have to turn it clockwise by 90 degrees. We hope to write more about this map in a future Bulletin.Belthorpe Tithe Apportionment 1849Mike PrattWhat follows is a summary of a document dated 31st March 1849 in the Beverley archives 1which is described as an Apportionment of the Rent Charge in lieu of Tithes in the Hamlet of Belthorpe in the Parish of Bishop Wilton in the East Riding of the County of York.T he general principles of Tithe Apportionment haveAccording to the census returns, the Fawcetts been written about in two previous Bulletins 2 . were resident at High Belthorpe and the Tindalls at The Belthorpe landowner identified in theLow Belthorpe (with the surname shown as Tindale). document is Frances Leigh, widow, of DringhousesInterestingly, the High Belthorpe head of household in the County of York (see previous article for morein the census returns from 1841 through to 1871 is about her). She is described as the Impropriatrix 3ofshown as John Fawcett who was Ann Fawcetts son.the Tithes of Corn, Grain, Hay, Lambs and Wool withRoger Whipp who occupied two plots of meadow the residue of tithes going to the vicar of the Parish ofland (ings) in Belthorpe was a resident of Bolton Bishop Wilton. where he had a 14% allocation of land 4 .The total acreage is given as 524 with 400 acresOverall Frances Leigh was awarded an annual given over to arable and 124 acres as meadow orsum of 120 from the apportionment and the vicar of pasture. For some reason this does not agree with theBishop Wilton received 18.total of the individual field sizes but the ratio of 76% toThe Assistant Commissioner responsible for 24% is of interest regardless. the Tithe Apportionment was named as John Job Three occupiers of the land are identified: Rawlinson and the valuer was James Bulmer, a land Acres Roods Perches agent from York.Figure 1 (overleaf)lists the fields that were Ann Fawcett (widow) 421 1 36 accounted for and shows them superimposed on a John Tindall 105 1 36 modern map. Fields 1 to 38 were occupied by Ann Roger Whipp 26 3 27 Fawcett, 39 to 53 by John Tindall and 54 & 55 by Roger Whipp.Total 553 3 191Reference TA/3, Treasure House, Beverley2Derek Wileman, Tithe Apportionments and Maps for the Parish of Bishop Wilton 1841, Bulletin 13; Steven Oliver, The Apportionment of Tithes for Bolton Township, Bulletin 16.3An Impropriator or Impropriatrix is a lay man or woman to whom tithes are due.4See footnote 2, Steven Olivers article.BULLETIN 17 337'