b'(shown here), from an album belonging toMrs Lilyarranged with others in an album, one to a page, with Jebson, dating from the late 1800s. accompanying captions and hand-drawn sketches. One entry dates the album to 1882. Some of the The Photographs photographs are labelled Instantaneous which was The photographs displayed here were takena technical term that signified short exposure times, by a distant relative of the Jebson family, Williamwhich allowed a camera to be hand-held thereby Lawton, who used to visit Bishop Wilton. They areallowing street scenes like these. Above: A Cold Bath - MuttonThe sheep are being plunged into the water on the right and then guided towards a washer who is partly submerged. The sheep-wash was a permanent enough feature to be marked on the OS map of1892. The Wesleyan Chapel can be seen in the background.Left: Sheep-WashingThe building to the left in the background is the Cross Keys Inn and to the right is the blacksmiths property, later to become W. L. Fishers. Spot the poster. This view shows the sheep waiting to be washed and those already washed on this side of the beck. BULLETIN 13 237'