b'Eileen Hopper (1915 - 2005)J ack Danby paid Eileen Hopper a fitting tribute inHistory Group. Just three of those cuttings are 1990 in his book, Enjoying More of Lesser Knowndisplayed here and more will follow in subsequent East Yorkshire. Writing about Bishop Wilton and StBulletins.Ediths Church, he said: Catherine Horsley provided us with this happy The whole interior of the church is kept beautifullymemory of Eileen:clean by the voluntary helpers, some of whom wereMy husband, Eric (Eileens cousin), was very busy when last I went inside. I was introduced tointerested in classic cars and we visited many shows, Eileen Hopper in her home in part of the old vicarageoften in his own little classic, a 1966 Morris Minor.beside the church. She was at work polishing some ofOn one of Eileens visits we went to a show at the church brass candlesticks, just part of the routineFlookburgh. The showground was part old airfield help she has freely given to St Ediths week by weekand part rock-hard old ploughed field, very poor for for well over forty years. That must be some sort ofwalking. Eileen had a walking stick, but it was obvious record! to us that she would never get round all the exhibits. Benefactors like members of the Sykes family areThen came the locking of horns about a visit to well commemorated, we seldom hear enough aboutthe Kendal Mobility tent for a wheelchair; Eric said the Eileen Hoppers of this world. a wheelchair was the answer but Eileen would have Eileen was a treasury of information aboutnone of it - what a stubborn pair they were. However, people and events. She was often consultedwith the help of a very nice lady in the tent we when researching articles for this Bulletin and formanaged to persuade Eileen into the chair, and then fitting names to faces on old photographs. It isthe fun began. The crowds were enormous and Eric most appropriate, therefore, that her cousins wife,very inexperienced at wheelchair pushing, so Eileen Catherine Horsley, finding a stack of Eileens press- decided to help by waving her walking stick in front of cuttings decided to offer them for use by the Localthe chair - the crowds parted like the Red Sea! Woe Yapham Ladies Cricket Team c1937Back Row: Eileen Waterson (Hopper), Laura Harrison, Flora Pearson (Carr), Dolly Frankish (Walker)Front Row: Doris Harrison (Marshall), Nancy Carr (Braithwait), Lily Eastwood (Jebson), Edna Eastwood, Edie Frankish (?), Margery CarrMarried names are shown in brackets where known.BULLETIN 13 235'