b'There are a number of copies of this image in circulation but this one comes from a negative and it shows more of the surroundings than have been visible before. It shows (from left to right) Bill Loft, Frank West, Bert Greaves, Herris Fisher, Stan Bailey & Albert Sissons standing proudly round the World War II Fire Trailer Pump in 1942.The paying-in book that belonged toEphemera like the headed paper from a member of the Herris Fisher gives yet more evidenceBishop Wilton Show Committee does not usually survive. But of the banks that existed in the villagethis from the Honorary Secretary, James Jebson, to Herris albeit in a temporary form. In BulletinsFisher in 1950 is a useful reminder of the routine business 7 and 9 we reported on the Yorkshirethat has to be conducted. Added to which the heading is a Penny Bank in articles based onrecord of the style of the times.material supplied by Eileen Hopper and Nancy Hutchinson respectively.402 BULLETIN 20'