b'Eileen Hoppers Photographs - 3T he late Eileen Hopper had saved six photos of thethe late Lorna Sleightholme in identifying the people cast of a play in their costumes. The envelope thatdepicted in four of the photos .contains them says that the play was performed byThe photos were taken in the back garden of the W.I. to celebrate the Coronation in 1953. The playMosquito Cottage, which is to the left of the footpath was called To Crown a Queen. Also saved by Eileenup to the church. Mr & Mrs Raimes who came from was the copy of the play she used with the lines of herWigginton Grange lived there and owned a horse character, Mrs Haythorne, identified. called Mosquito, hence the name. Mrs Raimes was a We sought the help of Nancy Hutchinson andhorsewoman, evidently, who could jump a 7-bar gate.From left to right: Bowman Sleightholme, Herris Fisher, Tom Robinson.Behind the group and to the left you can see theEileen Hopper, Nora Smith and Pat Brooks (who door to the outside loo with a horseshoe on it! lived in the bungalow opposite Mosquito Cottage, which was built by her husband, Fred Brooks, the school headmaster).From left to right. Back row: Anne Sleightholme, Eileen Hopper, Dorothy Denton, Herris Fisher, Connie SleightholmeFront Row: Bowman Sleightholme, Nora Smith,Tom Robinson. Bowman Sleightholme with Nora Smith.266 BULLETIN 15'