b'what you buy now. So you were fed on the best, it was all home produced. We always got plenty of milk. Mrs Cook used to put a mug of milk on top of the stove to get warm morning and night with a spoonful of treacle in. That turned me off milk straight away. She used to say, Youll never get cold, mind. And we never did. We were guaranteed fresh bacon and fresh eggs because Mrs Cook had her own hens in the field right out the back. When we used to take the cows out and along by the vicarage, and all, and down that back lane. The fields were just a bit further down than the back entrances. Mrs Cook used to make butter, but then again you had to report it with it being rationed. You had to supply your shop with it. And she used to make curds and whey and curd cake. There was a pump out the back that served three families. Mrs Cook had a wooden dish to hold water,something for me and then Ive got something to flat bottomed with the slides sloping out. She usedtell you. I said, Well, why dont you tell us first and to do everything in that. She used a washboard inthen Ill do what you want. And she said, Theres a it. And there were midden toilets at the top end. Thetelegram here somewhere come from your mothers kitchen had a wooden door and you stepped down aand your Dad died this morning. I was no more good step to it. When you went in, there was a table at theafter that, was I? So I ran up to see Mr Rhodes, the window, and a pot boiler like what you used to washschoolmaster, and I explained the situation and he your clothes in, in the corner, with a fire underneath.said, Dont worry, Hilda, Ill take you to the station in Then there was the stove. She had an old fashionedthe morning. And he drove us into York station. I left settee. Then she had a front room. Thats where thesome of my things because Mrs Cook wanted me to churn was for the butter and such like. And the tablecome back. I never did see the telegram. she used to keep the milk on until she skimmed theI filled the papers in for Mrs Cook. She used to cream off. send milk to the Milk Marketing Board and she didnt Eddie used to take the gooseberries from theread very well so I had to fill them in. She kept saying, Cooks garden and when we come to make the jamYou will come back, wont you? Mrs Cook wrote a there was hardly any left.letter to say would we go back and me mother said At school I remember the teacher Miss Found. Sheno. was billeted further down Main Street from the Cooks.I was in Bishop Wilton for a year and nine months. Miss Found taught the infants, Mrs Rhodes taughtDuring that time me Mam came the first Christmas we the juniors and Mr Rhodes taught the seniors. Therewere here like, in 1939 and me Dad came in 1940. was a big room and it was partitioned. You could hearAnd funnily enough we had an air raid while he was what was going on at the next side. Then there was ahere. But there was nothing really. You used to get little room for the youngest. While I was at the schoolthe rattles. And then the bell for the all clear. That was we knitted helmets and scarves for the servicementhe last time I saw me Dad alive. We used to run next during schooltime. And you were allowed off to godoor to No 12, into the cellar, to shelter.and help the farmers in the fields as well. Well, thoseWhen somebody tells you a name it sort of brings that were willing to do it. Because Ive worked oneverything back. I know the Post Office was round the Franks farm, for singling sugarbeet, is it? corner to the car park of the Fleece. I remember the My mother used to knit. She used to send usBartons, the Barnes, the Franks with the farm where things. Mind you there was somebody in the villagethe Show is now, there was a girl went to my school and I must have been about her size because shecalled Rachel Franks. There were the Sissons. I knew used to pass things on to me. She was a youngJim Sissons. I used to go around with him with his woman and I was tall and thin. I was very tall evenpapers and he used to come round when I delivered when I was here.milk. The Lofts, their girls used to go to the school. I My father died on a Thursday morning, we cameknew Bill Jebson, the son. home from school and the cows come in and theyIn the school, have you seen the May Queen list? were milked and we took the cows back out and weThere used to be a board on the wall. As each one were doing what you call tending. Instead of puttingwas chosen as May Queen their names was put on the cows into the field you let them graze the verges.this plaque. We danced on the field behind the Village And we came home and she said, I want you to doHall round the Maypole.BULLETIN 12 195'