b'We used to go up to Bishop Wilton to take part inand there was another one at Rowland Hill, but I cant the WI; at that time practically every woman over 16actually remember whether there were any in Bishop used to belong to the WIit was very well attendedWilton at all.and of course we would never miss it. The firstThe seasons of the year really stood out for me Monday in every month my aunt, myself and Anniehaving never worked on a farm before. The busy Sawdon used to cycle up to Bishop Wilton. It wastimes of the year were haymaking and harvest and fine until we got to the edge of where High Belthorpethe threshing. I quite liked the haymaking, particularly farm came down and then it was slightly up hill all theif the weather was good and you were able to cut the way, and my aunt who suffered with asthma used tohay and put it in the hayricks. That was all right so get quite out of breath, so Annie and I used to ridelong as we didnt have bad weather, and then you had one either side of her and put our hands on her backto sort of toss it about and keep it dry and it wasnt so and really push her up to the top, and then we usedeasy. The harvest was the same. At that time we used to go into the school and my aunt used to say Nowhorses until eventually we did get one tractor. We had dont you two go rushing in there before me becausethree horses on the farm and mine was called Danny. then they will all know that Ive gone to the lavatoryI can see him now. He wasnt a very good-tempered and I dont want everyone to know that. I donthorse, and at that time my uncle extended the know why she used to bother, Im sure, becauseland that he was farming and he had some land on everybody would know, because they all used to doGarrowby Lane, and when those fields were harvested it themselves. The WI meetings were very popular atthere was a slope up to the road, so you had to go that time because there was nothing much else to do otherwise. Every month they always used to have two competitionsone was for cookery and one was for. I once had the audacity all sorts of sewing. My aunt was very good at sewingto volunteer to sing with because she was taught when she left school, so sheanother Land Girl .always used to enter all the competitions all through the year, and at the end of the year the person who got the most points was the winner, and my Auntie Annie often was the winner because she was sothrough the gate and then turn sharply on the road, enthusiastic about entering all the competitions. and I used to dread Danny treading on my feet as I The other things that used to happen, whichran up there and turnedbut I never upset a load. werent very much, but we did used to have a concertSo I came through that without any fault at all, which around Christmas time and we all used to take part.was a great relief to me as I know that my cousins Some were more talented than others, and I was quitewould have pulled my leg for ages and ages if I had enthusiastic as I used to like doing it at school. Thedone something and the whole load had come off the one thing I couldnt do was sing, but I once had therully. I think that the hardest day was the day when the audacity to volunteer to sing with another Land Girlthreshing machine came around. We knew the people when we put on a performance. When I think nowthat were coming to thresh, and there was a lot of fun. of the nerve that I had to do that I can hardly believeI always hoped that I might be elevated to be up on that I did it, but I did. The performances were alwaystop of the stack tossing the sheaves into the machine, well attended, and we all enjoyed the experience.but I never got as far as that, I was just on the ground And once a year we used to have a supper, and thecollecting all the rubbishy bits in sheets and taking men could only come if they were invited by a lady;it wherever we had to take it. Everybody enjoyed it that was all right if you were married or engaged toalthough it was such hard work, threshing.somebody. But if you werent married or didnt have aI enjoyed my time up in Yorkshire. It did me a lot regular boyfriend, you were very popular at that timeof good. It gave me a lot of confidence to come away so that they could get an invitation to go to this meal.from home where I was an only child and a girlgirls We always used to thoroughly enjoy it. One of thethen of that age werent like they are today. Coming other eventsand there is a record of me in a pictureinto a family with three boys, though Bowman waswe had a cricket match, the men against the ladies6 years younger than I was and still at school when I of the Womens Institute. The ladies had to dress upcame up, they used to pull my leg and I wasnt used as men and the men had to dress up as women. Into things like that. It did me a lot of good to stand on the photograph you can see me in a bowler hat with amy own feet, and I loved the time that I spent in the moustache, a bit like Charlie Chaplin. Im almost surearea. I loved Bishop Wilton. At the Harvest Festival that the women won easilybut I cant be quite sure! I read the lesson and I think my aunt was far more There were some other Land Girls in the area, butnervous than I was about it. I remember that Mr there werent a lot. The only people I really rememberFawcett had a tennis court, and we used to have a were two sisters at Garrowby who were from Hull,game of tennis there. He was a very nice man, was 376 BULLETIN 19'