b'strict discipline. His major battle was fought overshort time this morning in describing to the children home-lessons which seemed to have been a nightlythe cruelty of bird nesting, and all sport causing pain expectation; the boys were kept in if it was not doneto dumb animals and birds. On enquiring if any child satisfactorily. The details of any other punishment inpresent had robbed birds nests, one only proved use are not given in the Log, but it was handed outguilty. He frankly declared with the whole school that for using bad language, for fighting, for lying and forhe should do so no more. One fact respecting the truanting. Mr Evans was the last teacher at the oldchildren is worthy of note. When asked respecting school to complete the Log Book, and it cannot haveany crime they may be declared guilty of they, in very been long after his departure in September 1868 thatmany cases, will declare the truth, though the answer the new school was built. may in their eyes ensure punishment. I however The first permanent head at the new [current] site,seldom or never punish for a fault if the child manfully Hubertus Dubois, was an earnest young man, whoacknowledges it.found the children rude and disorderly on his arrival. An entry of his in February 1873, a month after hisIllnessarrival, makes almost the first mention of the parentsMention of illness among the pupils is, of course, of the school children:only incidental to the narrative of the school Log Many of the parents expressed aBooks. There are frequent complaints from all the hope that their children should be madeMasters about the irritation of unceasing coughing attentive and obedient, regretting at theamongst the boys, and accounts of their own same time the deficiency of their children.sicknesses which kept them from teaching the A predecessor of his, D Downes, who was only inschool. There is also a litany of the injuries that kept post for a few weeks, had had a run-in with a parentboys away from lessons, of the sort that could be that he described in the Log in some, self-justificatory,expected when many of them worked for their families detail: Cautley Tutill was lazy and obstinate onor even employers, and most of them are busy in Thursday with ciphering. A reduction sum - 8 intothe countryside gathering sticks, bird-nesting or just shillingswhich he knew how to do, he refused evenlarking about.to set down on his slate, and, after reducing 12 for him, I said he was to stay in until he had done it.Examples of such injuries are as His father, however, came up in a great passion andfollows: threatening to do for me withdrew him from the6 May 1864 Joseph Elsworth is at home with school. This encounter was mirrored for Mr Dubois ina broken arm from a fall off a horse while in the March 1873, though without the threats:service of Mr Wigglesworth of Garraby.James Green has been withdrawn from school for19 May 1864 Charles Elsworth foolishly got in being corrected for misbehavior. No severity has beenthe ditch of water [the sheepwash] yesterday used more than a slap on the hand with the cane,for bravado, and he has been ill this forenoon in though in many instances he merited a much moreconsequence.severe punishment. 27 May 1864 Richard Cook was climbing a Mr Dubois had more problems with parents in Junetree in the Rush last night to a birds nest and 1873:fell hurting himself very much being unable to Some dissatisfaction has arisen with a fewwalk home [followed by a later entry .] parents because I had refused to admit their9 June 1864 Richard Cook has been very Infant children that were under 3 years of age, onunwell in school today probably resulting from the ground that they could not learn themselves,weakness after his fall.and prevented their sisters (who had charge1 August 1865 Seth Lofthouse has crushed his of them) from attending to their lessons. Inhand and can do very little with pen or pencil.March of the following year he comments28 February 1868 John Holderness has been more favourably: William Anderson has latelyaway in consequence of an accident by which been playing truant, and his Parents are muchhe has been partially lamed.concerned about his progress. He is generally20 May 1868 John Harrison absent having attentive and fond of his work. It is a great boonbeen bitten by a dog.to a Teacher when the Parents give him their aidThere are also severalmentions of children in such matters. being absent to attend a funeral, for example:We will leave the matter of discipline with one last31 May 1864 The children left school soon quotation from Mr Dubois, from April 1875:after 4 oclock to follow Jane Ann Hood to The Baxters, Thomas, George and Polly, and alsoChurch to be buried being one of their school Manuel Barnes, have this week been pursuing thefellows.cruel game of robbing birds nest. I occupied some BULLETIN 17 329'