b'Wesleyan Methodist Chapel c1900from an old postcardknots of farmers and farm labourers listened, withThey had saved enough to build their own chapel kindly attention, to the word of lifethese rooms, with Bethel - which is still standing in modernised form, plenty of fresh air and sunshine in summer, and theon the main street just west of the Village Hall. glow and warmth of a coal and wood fire in winter,16 Trustees were listed:were their cathedrals, and a pleasant thing it was toJohn Barkervendor of the landworship under such circumstances.8 Thomas Richardsonfarmer, BWJohn Hothamfarmer, BWBishop Wilton Robert Megginsonsurgeon, BWThe first mention of a Methodists meeting houseWilliam Dugglebyschoolmaster, BWin Bishop Wilton is dated 1760. A certificate wasRobert Wilkinsonbricklayer, BWrequested to register a Meeting House for Protestant John Hopperfarmer, BWDissenters in the house of Peter Layton situate in theWilliam Wadeshepherd, BWTown of Bishop Wilton, witnessed by Peter Layton,John Harrisonfarmer, AmericaAlexander Mather, William Minethorp, William Cobb,John Waudbyyeoman, AmericaJohn West and Thomas Weatherall. 9 Matthew Wilkinsonfarmer, Great Givendale26 years later, the last mentioned gentleman,John Blanshardyeoman, GowthorpeThomas Weatherall was the leader of 20 Methodists inThomas Hallidayyeoman, Gowthorpethe village 10 . The records begin at that time, with listsSeth Pudseyfarmerof members and the accounts. Payments were madeLeonard Jennings?to the Quarterly Meeting to cover the expenses of theRalph Greenfarmer, Fangfoss 12local preachers, including their wives and maids, theirBy 1816 there were 69 members, which was a smithy bills, turnpike charges and ale. 11 sizeable communityPocklington had 106 members, By 1810 there were 27 members in the village:Matthew WilkinsonMary Wilkinson Mary Layton Rebecca Tennison Sarah HolmesRobert WilkinsonMary Wilkinson John Ogram Elizabeth Ogram Thomas GillisonElizabeth Gillison Thomas Fewgill John Harrison Thomas Tipling Thomas Bowes Elizabeth BarkerElizabeth Walgate Richard Leadbitter Josiah Wragg Matthew TennisonMary Tennison William Wade Josiah Leaf Hannah Richardson John HopperMary Hopper Ann Hopper 11a8Rev. Henry Woodcock (1890) Piety among the Peasantry9Faculty Book 1, 1736-1768, Borthwick Institute, York10Circuit Schedule Book, Beverley Archives, Ref: MRP/1/711As above. Ref: MRP/1/3011aAs above. Ref: MRP/1/712As above. Ref: MRP/1/16BULLETIN 11 185'