b'provide a public water supply as he suggested. But what about the bottom half of the village? Was this part of the suggestion considered unnecessary or just too complicated? There is no evidence that it was acted upon.Evidence or not, it is gratifying for us to hear of Sir Tatton Sykes great interest in our rustic village of Bishop Wilton and intriguing to speculate that he might well have been induced to add to the comfort and beauty of the placeReferences:We know that by the late 1800s there was aUniversityof Hull Brynmor Jones Library: DDSY/101/77 - Letters to Sir Tatton Sykes, 5th Bt, for the period 1874 to public water supply at the top end of the village on1885. The Sykes documents are the property of the present the bank above the beck on the south side and itBaronet, Sir Tatton Sykes, who has kindly deposited them in is marked with the well symbol, W, on the 1892the University Archives.map. This was not a well in the true sense of the word, it was a trough in which water collected as itResearch at the University of Hullflowed from a spring in the garden of the dwellingDocuments can be consulted at the University of Hull in behind it and thence into the beck below. Ratherthe Archives Reading Room at the Brynmor Jones Library surprisingly Mr Lennard suggests bringing the waterafter first applying to the University Archivist in writing. Visits down to the village from a source beneath stonemay subsequently be arranged by telephone.table top. It would be exciting to conclude that thisFor more information, the Academic Services suggestion was acted on like the others and that aArchives website is at:lengthy underground channel was constructed andhttp://www.acsweb.hull.ac.uk/arc/index.htmlrouted through the garden where a spring is visibleAlso, the Archives Database is online and can be today. However, it is more likely that Mr Lennard wasqueried at: unaware of the springs that existed in the village at the time and the solution was to tap into one of these tohttp://www.acsweb.hull.ac.uk/arc/collection/humad2.html58 BULLETIN 5'