b'end house. He married a Tipping from near Stamfordsort of peas do you grow, Mr Cullum? He knew what Bridge. There was a lot of Clints. There was a sparehe was going to say. Duke of Albany, he says, Ten house there, next to Mrs Clint. Charlie always had apeas in a pod and every pea a mouthful! He used spare house cos he lived with his sister Sarah andto grow rhubarb and I used to say, Have you a bit Benny Wilkinson. We had Charlie laid out in that spareof rhubarb to spare, Charlie? Half stone sticks or house. stone sticks? hed say. There was an orchard at the Benny always called Sarah Me Mother. Cos heback and it used to join up with Wadsworths, back of had no kids, hadnt Benny.where Kath Foster lives. There is one thing I can remember about Charlie. There was a friend of mine, he took size twelves andThe Wadsworths & Sweet Peasthey were a bit difficult to get off tpeg. He decidedI used to deliver a paper to Wadsworths. There to have a pair made with Charlie. He went for his firstwas Connie, May and Freddie who lived at home measurement and of course he had to go for a fittingwith old man Wadsworth. She used to be waiting, after that. They called him John Smallwood and on hisConnie. There was a little window as you go up that second visit he said Dint tha know me? to Charlie.side of Mrs Megginsons [Witton House], it used to No, said Charlie, but I know thee feeat!open outwards. Connie most times was waiting there He was a good grower was Charlie. He used tofor the paper. But if she wasnt I had to take it round grow peas. He used to grow a variety called Duke ofback. Freddie was a keen racing man. So hed be Albany. It was a tall pea. Our Ken used to say Whattying his sweet peas up and hed shout out, Eh, fetch it here Malcolm. He couldnt get racing results until the day after the race. He used to get paper and say, Just tie us a few of these up while youre here. Thats how I first got to learn about sweet peas, with Freddie Wadsworth.One last storyI was with Ken Loft one day by a lorry that was blocking the way and Brigadier Watson, Lord Halifaxs land agent, drove up. He stopped and looked at the lorry and shouted to Ken who was just by the side of it: Are you going to move that thing? Im not, said Ken defiantly. Ken was only small and the Brigadier was tall. He got out of his car and moved threateningly towards Ken who stood his ground. Just then a big, burly man with tattoos came round the corner and asked, Whats going on here then? Hes trying to get me to move your wagon, replied Ken. The Brigadier didnt know what to do. He backed off though.Malcolm & Ken at harvest timeBULLETIN 6 81'