b'Memories of Captain CookCaptain William Cook lives in Victoria, British Columbia, Canada, where he settled after a life at sea. He was born and went to school in Bishop Wilton. He has the distinction of having been a School Captain in 1932 when Kathleen Ware was May Queen. William was our first international subscriber to the Bulletin. He sent us these memories when renewing his subscription.I remember that in the late 1920s or early 1930s a family called Shaw emigrated to Canada. They lived at the bottom end of the village and I recall they had two boys, Bobbie and Reggie, who attended Bishop Wilton school when I did. I think they settled to farming somewhere in central Canada. I wonder if anyone in Bishop Wilton has kept in touch with them?.In the summer of 1938 I went home to Bishop Wilton on an extended leave from the Merchant Navy. Don Turner had recently lost a leg as the result of an accident & was using a wooden leg. A number of good people organised a whist drive and dance to raise funds to pay for a more efficient artificial limb. One lady had made a cake in the shape of a country cottage and this was raffled to help with the leg fund. The winner kindly gave the cake to Don (see accompanying photo).I used to accompany Don to Harrogate Hospital & Leeds to be fitted with the new leg. He and I spent a lot of time together during my stay at home.I was a choir boy at St Ediths Church for several years. We boys were paid 1/- a quarter (4/- per year) for full attendance at all Sunday services. If you missed a service you were dockeddfrom your quarterly salary. The school master - Mr A. R. Rhodes - was the choir master and choir practices were held on Thursday evenings. The organist was Miss Longhorn who lived with her family on a farm near the top of Garrowby Hill. The organ blower was Edward Walker, if I remember rightly. Sometime in the early 1930s the choir boys were asked to sing at the funeral of a gentleman from Bolton Hall. I think his name was Bardwell. He was buried in a tomb at the North side of the church. Each choir boy was paid 1/- for attending - an enormous sum compared with our annual salary. The family of MrWilliams photo of Don Turner holding the cake.Bardwell paid the boys.William Cook in 1934 Don Turner in 1934 Reg & Rob Shaw tentatively identified on a school photo from 1928BULLETIN 15 267'