b'The earlier OS map of 1854 is worth looking at as well. On this we can see two blobs on the road by the side of the moat opposite the 3 cottages and the dwelling behind them. Could they both be WCs?!The three cottages that were sold in 1890 areAlso, an interesting point to note is that the arrowed on the accompanying portion of the 1892surrounding land all belongs to Sledmere Estate. OS map. They are side-on to the road. We haveThe sale details say that the three cottages are been told that the earth closets for the buildingsbordered by land belonging to Sir Tatton Sykes were in the moat of the Palace site! Intriguingly,on the west and south and we know that the land there is a small structure alongside the moaton which the school was built also belonged across the road and a bit further along towardsto him. In 1854 this manorial land is empty of the school. Could this be what is remembered? buildings. Perhaps it was never a regular plot in the village layout. On this same map it is worth noting the cottages that have now disappeared that front the plot that used to be Ken Sissons garden (in the bottom right corner). An Expanse of PostcardsA t a Workshop in 2006 there was a display of copies of all the postcards of Bishop Wilton that have been assembled over the years, 84 in all. The display can be seen in this photograph covering multiple tables in the Village Hall.Unfortunately, only the Committee members of the Local History Group turned up so there were few present to appreciate the extent of the collection! Within the collection there are subsets of postcards from different publishers. Some of these subsets are numbered and there are identifiable gaps so there is still good reason to keep on searching for postcards at postcard fairs and on ebay.BULLETIN 17 333'