b'enclosure award; Fowler Flatt (Ann Fowler), HattonCap. Royal Engineers, W Balmire and TW Buller. Common (William Hatton), Pape Flatt (Peter Pape), See Figure 1.Cade Close (James Cade); whilst others have moreRobert Kearsley Dawson (1798-1861) was a descriptive titles, Triangle Close and Sand Lands.surveyor and mapmaker and became assistant Most of the nearly 904 acres in the township werecommissioner to the Tithe Commutation Committee given over to arable crops (56%), with a little over ain 1836. 13 He was responsible for organising and quarter used as pasture (26%). There were just undersupervising the survey process. William Balmire a hundred acres of meadow (11%), with the remainderand Thomas Buller were two of the three Tithe of land being wooded (6.4%) or recorded as gardenCommissioners, sitting in London and responsible for or orchard. ensuring the accuracy of the surveying and valuation A sum of 47 16s 6d was established as the totalprocess at a national level. Dawson, Balmire and rent charge equivalent for the tithes in Bolton, most ofBuller will have signed the tithe map as part of the which went to the vicar of Bishop Wilton (41 14s 6d),authorisation process.with smaller sums allocated to William Mosey (2 2s)From the time of commutation in the 19th century and Matthias Warram (4). tithe payments continued to be collected well into the Other names that appear associated with the20th. Although the process was modified over time, Bolton tithe apportionment are those of John White oftithes were only discontinued thirty years agowith Bugthorpe, who undertook the valuation 12and threethe system eventually ending in 1977.names recorded on the tithe map: Rob. K DawsonFigure 1.1.No equivalent2.Poplar Farm3.No equivalent4.The Cottage5.CornerFarm6.Corner Farm7.Lea Manor8.? No equivalent ?9.? The Villa ?10.Boulton House11.Spode House12.Beck Cottage13.Village Farm14.? Ivy Dene ?15.Laburnum House16.Oak House Farm17.Cherry Farm12There is a John White aged c.60yrs recorded in the 1841 census for Bugthorpe. His occupation is givenas Farmer, and he heads a household with three family members and five servants. [HO107/1210/ 4;Folio: 4; Page: 2]13Elizabeth Baigent, Dawson, Robert Kearsley (17981861), Oxford Dictionary of National Biography,Oxford University Press, 2004 [http://www.oxforddnb.com/view/article/7355, accessed 14 Oct 2007]314 BULLETIN 16'