b'Hall Farm - 1980sPhotographs and information supplied by Irene MegginsonJ ack Megginson used to keep his carts in the cart shed at Hall Farm. The photograph opposite shows Irene and Jack, with friends from Cheshire, in the stack yard at Hall Farm posing with a rully. The photographbelow shows Jack casting an eye over two of his carts in the cart shed. The one closest to him was a trap used for the Driving for the Disabled scheme. It was specially set up with a ramp at the back that allowed a wheel chair to be pushed up onto it.As contemporary press coverage explained: Disabled horse-lovers in the York area are being given the chance to learn a special riding skill. The Ebor Vale Riding for the Disabled group, based near Pocklington, has acquired a specially-adapted trap, to teach the art of driving. Lessons will be given free of charge by Bishop Wilton farmer Mr Jack Megginson. . Only a handful of Riding for the Disabled groups offer driving lessons.Irene is not too sure about the date of this photo but it is probably later than the first one above as the buildings look as though they have been reroofed. It shows her with Jack and Katie Foster and on the left is grand-daughter Sarah with Blossom & Pinto. They were probably preparing to go to a rally or a Show. The cart is a vintage Ralli-Car.The photographs show how useful even relatively recent images can be. The buildings at Hall Farm have been incorporated into the residential development that now occupies the site.280 BULLETIN 15'