b'Sources include: Glovers Visitationsof Yorkshire in 1584/5 and 1612, Pocklington School AdmissionRegister: YAJ Vol 25, 1920, p.54-61,The Darley memorial BW church &Buttercrambe. ** IGI patron submission thereforeunreliable.9. Mary8. Elizabeth 7. James =RobertThornton ofEastElizabeth = ThomasNewton Richardson, vicar ofBugthorpe* 5. Samuel Darley * 6. Joshua Darley bap. Bishop Wilton,bap. Bishop Wilton,19 Jan 1640/41=4 Jan 1641/42Sidn.Katherine Suss. Coll., Camb. BALord of the Manor1663 MA 1667from 1703. MerchantDied at Ballasore Eastin London. India aged 34 in 1676.Buried 5 Dec 1706Richard Darley= 1. Elizabeth Pickering on 9th Dec 1727 at St. Repulchiers, London 2. Ann Inman of Warter M 7 Dec .1769 at Bishop Wilton D. Feb 4 1784 in Bp. Wilton aged 77Catherine Darley died before 1769 = Major James Coates of the 66th Regiment of Foot in Jamaica 2004 Andrew Sefton. Not for reproduction withoutprior permission of the author. Sir Richard Darley of Buttercrambe = Elizabeth dau. of Edward Gates of Seamer Married in 1595 A puritan and Paliamentarian in the Civil War MP for Aldborough in 1627, Northal- lerton in 1640, High Sherrif in 1646 andfor the East Riding in 1656 6. Charles5. Francis *4. BenjaminDarley bap.Bishop Wilton12 Nov. 1639d. 1659age21Dau. = Wm. Todd of Wath (1724-1797)4. Thomas Darley b. 14 Apr 1602 = Ursula Joseph Darley b. 1640Trin.Coll., Camb., 1657 BAin 1660/1James Richard Coates Richard Darley = Isabel Beaumont Married 1558 Lassells Hall, Kirkheaton 3. Richard Darley b. ca.1600 d. 12 Feb 1680/81 age 80= Married. 20 Dec 1632 inBishop Wilton, Elizabeth,d. of William Hildyard ofBishop Wilton.*3. John Darley *2. Williamb. 1639 d. abt.1701= Darley Suzannah dau. of Georgeb. 1635 Dawson of Azerley,1652 enteredSusannah Darley was brieflyTrinity Collady of B.W.Manor in 1702.Cambridged. 1656Hildyard Darley b. 5 Mar 1668= Mary WilksAll current Aldby Park Darleys from this line 1. ElizabethDarley b. 1634 d. 1678age 44unmarriedJane Darley = John Brewster Mar. 1698(1670-1743)*** Henry Brewster Darley Buttercrambe and Bishop Wiltonn.b.Bishop Wilton Lords of the Manor are boxed.Those marked * attended Pocklington School2. William Darley =Elizabeth AmcottsMarried in 1628 (Wm attendedEmmanuel College,Darley b. 1635bap. at BishopWilton 7 Oct1635Thomas Darley b. 1664 Consol atAllepo bought theDarley Arabianhorse for his fatherand was murderedby poison in 1710.***Aldby house wasbuilt in 1726 by JaneDarley & John Brewster The Darley family ofHenry Darley of Buttercrambe = 1. Elizabeth Watts. Mar. 1619 in Seamer2. Agnes Bloodworth Mar.1624 in Aldby(** for both entries)Henry was taken prisoner to Scarborough3 June 1644 was MP for Malton 1645 andE.R. in 1656.Cambridge). * HenryRichard Darley ofButtercrambeb. 1631 &Age 75. died 21 Sep 1706 = 1. Mary Fitzhugh in 1651**2. Dorothy Waite of Buttercrambein 1660.**John Richard Darley Darley born 1670died ofdied 9thpoison inJan 1719aged 58Allepo aged 49 Henry Darley ofButtercrambeborn 1662 died24th June 1720 BULLETIN 6 89'