b'Jebson - and Billy was Chief Ranger and our Ken, and that was about it. Mr Cullum was a bit of a stickler and, what shall I say, the routine before you started the Club was to pick an apple or pretend to pick an apple from the tree, take a bite out of it, like this [demonstrates] and throw the core away. Strictly that was to get entry to the Club and you know what our Ken was like, a joker. He picked one off, I shall never forget, and he said, Bloody Bramley Seedling! Of course, old Charlie laughed. He was quite droll was Charlie. We were supposed to do that every time. They kind of fetched the ritual back, then it dropped out again. My dad was Club Secretary, our Ken was Treasurer and there was what was called Woodward and I think Charlie was Chief Woodward. Ken was another Woodward, something to do with paying out, Sick Woodward, that was it. It takes some remembering.We had one or two Club Feasts in the Village Hall. That used to be an annual thing that died out and then we got it back again. Then there was one when we had to merge with Wharfedale. We were Court Sykes, one of the last to be self-reliant. There was even more merging after that. It is no longer a Club in terms of picking up subscriptions. That has finished. They are all life members now. They still get the things that go with the Club, the free teeth, whatever.I dont remember much about the Club band, as such, but I do remember that there was alwaysAn early school photo of Malcolm a band at the Show in the 1930s. It was on a bandstand and it played all day. It used to start at thewith them. I remember Mrs Lee from Pallion School bottom end of the village and march up to the Showin Sunderland, with her son Eric. Miss McShane Ground behind the Village Hall.was another. Then there was Mr Beauman, a young After the war, of course, the Show moved to whatteacher from Hullhe taught us to do Mummers was called Mattie Flats. Not in 1946, they didnt haveplays. A group of us used to go round as Mummers, it that year; I was still in the services then. 1947 wasdoing the play with St George and the Doctor. I used the first year after the war. It was the first year for theto be able to remember all the parts. Clive Campbell Great Yorkshire Show, as well, after the war. That usedwas St George, Gordon Foster was Beelzebub and I to move around then, it wasnt always at Harrogate.was the DoctorI cant remember what Artie West It was at York and Beverley and even at Malton, allwas, but he was in it. We went all over, round the Yorkshire places. village and up to Manna Green, Callis, Cot Nab, Cheesecakewe were collecting for Wings for Bishop Wilton School Victory.Mr Rhodes was fond of Cecil Sharpes music; folkWe did well at Sports one time, we were in the music and country dancing. We all used to danceSmall Schools Championship; we won at Pocklington, round the Maypole. There was plenty of us in my yearand had to go to the next round at Welton. Rachel and we were good at Sword Dance. That was just forFrank did high jump, Clive Campbell was running, and lads, and the lasses did one, it was called GatheringI was in the sack raceI used to sort of skip along. I Peascods. They also did Mary & Dorothy and Brightoncame third at Welton, so that was that.Camp. Also us lads did one with some little sticks withI remember one November morning very well Morris Dancers bells on our legs and we used to tapat school. Three of us, Arthur West (Artie), Charlie the sticks together. I particularly remember the SwordFarrow and me. We were gathering snickels (snares) Dance because I was the eldest, you see, and I got toup in the Agworm when we heard the school clock carry the swords [at the end when they were plaitedringing. Charlie was the oldest and he said dont say together]. We were good at that and we did it as partnothing. So we went in late to school and we were of the May Day celebrations.wet through. Mr Rhodes got right ratty because we When the evacuees came, some teachers camewere keeping mum. Right, youll get stick, he said. BULLETIN 6 77'