b'Bishop WiltonLocal History Bulletin 4 -5 July 2003My Best Day(s) Ever (With Apologies To The Dalesman)Judy Tarranmoneythe amount depended on attendance throughout the year. Mums, Dads, Grandparents, Aunts etc were able to go on the purchase of a ticket. The excitement was so high beforehand that I remember waking several times the night before to ask if it was morningonly to be told I had only been in bed one or two hours.Judy, far right, with Nellie and Arthur, her Mum and Dad. On the left, Mrs Walker with daughter, Ann.M y best days ever took place in the early 1950s - the jointJudy on the beach at Scarborough with Billy Sunday SchoolsBarker.(Church andThen THE day arrived! One year we had five Chapel) Annual Tripcoaches from BaileysI dont think there were many to Scarborough,people left in the village that day, but those remaining or sometimes towere around to wave us off. The journey seemed to Bridlington. It wasbe miles and miles, and there were arguments as to the big event ofwho saw the sea first: many seemed to think they saw the year, and wasa glimpse of it just past Fridaythorpe!looked forwardWhen we arrived, the Mums and Grans wanted to by all of theto go to a caf for a cup of tea, much to our disgust. children in theAfter much pleading we went down to the beach; village. The Sundaydeckchairs in circles, much laughter and clothes offSchool scholarscossies on whatever the weather, it didnt matter, we got free tickets forwere there! the coach, and pocketJudy with Bessy Smith Its difficult to explain now but that day seemed 38 BULLETIN 4'