b'older sister Meggie subsequently committed suicidethat Mr Dearnley, Headmaster at Bishop Wilton while in service in York.School, was very keen on singing and the school won Florence Smith, Elsies mother, was one of a largea singing competition in York c1920. She also says family, having 10 brothers and sisters, including athat the cottages on either side of the big house (the foster brother. She recorded a tape of her memoriesChestnuts) were built for those who worked at the in 1990, talking to her grand-daughter Rachel. Onefoundry of her most vivid childhood memories was of anFlorences father, John Thomas Smith, was the occasion when her mother had gone to a church doson of Richard Smith of Uncleby who married Sarah with the baby, leaving her to look after her youngerAskwith of Bishop Wilton. Richard is recorded as brother, Charlie. She had been pushed into the beckpublican at the Cross Keys in 1881 at the age of 39. by a girl, but got her own back by throwing the girlsJohn Thomass grandfather was Thomas Smith a dolls pram into the beck! Trying to avoid a telling-off,farmer at Kirby Underdale.she removed her wet, dirty clothes in the wash house,Florences mother, Rhoda, was a Wilson. She had rinsed them out and put them through the mangle.8 brothers and sistersone of them, George, was the Unfortunately, Charlie, in his efforts to help, got hisfather of Guy Wilson and Flora Brigham who still live in fingers crushed in the mangle, damaging one fingerBishop Wilton. permanently. So when her mother returned from her outing, it was to a household in turmoil. She recalls Black PuddingBased on material supplied by Nancy HutchinsonB eaty Coulman was an evacuee from Hull in WWII and she stayed first with Vera Brent and her husband at No 9, calling them Aunt and Uncle. When Vera was expecting a baby, Beaty moved to No 38 to stay with Veras mother and father, Mr and Mrs Wilson. When No 38 went up for sale they all moved across to No 6.Beaty remembers black pudding:I remember Butcher Smith going around the village. He served from the back of his van and the ladies used go with their plates for his meat. I remember going to Butcher Smith and in the outbuildings we used to try and make elderberry wine. We used to get jam jars and squash elderberries into them and leave them on the beams thinking that the next day theyd be elderberry wine. But the next day itd be all fusty on top. Auntie used to keep a pig at the back and itd get slaughtered and they used to hang it up on the beams to cure it. Anyone that had a pig slaughtered that day used to bring you a pig fry and a bucket of blood to make black puddings with. What I wouldnt give for a bit of that black pudding!The recipe opposite comes from a booklet entitled Enquire Within About Everything In Connection With Sausage And Small Goods Making by Stephen HaywoodA Life Long Pork Butcher.If youve made black pudding in the bath let us know!BULLETIN 9 147'