b'Police Sergeant JeffersonMike and Kate Pratt: Based on material supplied by Elsie Miller (ne Jefferson)Sergeant Jefferson and his wife, Elsie, at the backElsie with the walking stick that was presented to of No 96, c1929 her grandfather E lsie and Ted Miller who live in Grimsby visitedFred, liked village life so much that he came back to Bishop Wilton in July 2004 in order to attend a talkwork on a farm.about the history of St Ediths church. After hearingPolice Sergeant Jefferson was stationed in Bishop about the Local History Group, they made contactWilton between May 1928 and November 1930. He is with us. pictured here in the back garden of the Police House Elsie is the daughter of Herbert Jefferson, whoseat No 96 Main Street. He is remembered as a good father was Police Sergeant Samuel Francis Jefferson.policeman, and Elsie still has the silver-topped, black Her mother was Florence Elizabeth Smith, daughterwalking stick that was presented to him when he left of John Thomas Smith and Rhoda Wilson, whothe village. It has a silver plaque with the following lived at No 33 Main Street. Her parents met at thededication: Bishop Wilton Show when her father was lodging inPresented toPocklington, and after their marriage in 1934 theyPolice Sergeant S. F. Jeffersonmoved away to Grimsby. by Friends fromElsie was evacuated to Bishop Wilton in 1942Bishop Wiltonwhen her mother was in hospital. She stayed with herNew Year 1931grandmother Rhoda Smith and attended school at the Mens Institute (now the Village Hall). There wereThe Jefferson family suffered a devastating tragedy 2 other evacuees from Hull staying at her Grandmas,in 1930 which affected the whole village and is still and Elsie remembers what townees they wereoneremembered to this day. Their 16 year-old daughter of them, Lawrence, picked brambles and put themMabel was found dead with Gilbert Swain (son of in his trouser pockets to take home! The other one,Major Swain) in a wood above the village, and her 146 BULLETIN 9'