b'The following year, Quarton was involved in yet another accident; however, this time it wasnt the Atlantic Ocean which laid him low but the automobile.He was in Lemburg when the spirited horses he used for driving had their first sight of a car prompting a runaway. Quarton became an invalid for the rest of his life.He remarried in 1912, to Lillian Harrington who was seemingly from Liverpool and Quarton and Marys family home in Canada whom it is rumoured he had met on his journeys back to apprenticed as a steam engineer, played professionalEngland.In 1913 he returned soccer and was a despatch rider in the Boerto England for medical aid leaving his family of six War.With his engineering experience he got intochildren together with their wives/husbands and about power farming early and the Haylock family ownedtwelve grandchildren in Pheasant Forks, Canada.He a steam outfit and used it for both threshing andnever returned and died in England in the Blackpool/groundbreaking.They were among the first to convertFleetwood area on 11 January 1929, aged 83.He to oil fuel when it became available.Ernest was ais buried at Barmby Moor where his memorial stone member of the 1915 champion football team fromdescribes him as the beloved husband of Sarah E Duff and a member of the board of Stewards, DuffStilborn.Did he remarry for a second time?What United Church, when it was built. adventures were in store on his return to England?Quarton and Mary went on to have three furtherWatch this space for the next instalment.children in Canada - James, Alice and Louise - andBishop Wilton today still has a direct connection to a large number of grandchildren.Although QuartonQuarton and Mary.Esther Elizabeth Gospel, Marys returned to England many times, on business andsister has grandchildren in and around Bishop Wilton - with his immigration officer hat on, visiting both hisWilliam Jebson (decd), Mary and Isobel Robson, and own and Marys family, Mary never accompanied him. Lorna and Clive Campbell. Local resident Mrs Lorna After emigrating she never saw her parents or familySleightholme (nee Campbell) is a direct descendant again and this was a great source of sadness for herof the Gospel family and is able to trace her Gospel mother.Why Mary never returned to England weroots back to 1774.Lorna has visited Mary and shall perhaps never know. Many of the women whoQuartons descendants in Canada; she has been to went out to Canada to make new lives and homessee the family graves in the Pheasant Forks Cemetery on the prairies went mad.Their lives were hard andand also visited the homesteads, which the family lonely, being confined to a homestead often manypatented in 1900 and 1903.miles away from anywhere, whilst the menfolk hadInformation for this article has been taken from the company and comradeship of each other workinga book by Len W Sumner, Raw Prairie to Grain together for long hours to build a future.The womenElevators: the Chronicles of a pioneer community, were homesick and missed their often very large andDuff, Saskatchewan.Lorna was given a copy of this close-knit families.Mary died on 14 May 1910 and isbook on her visit and would be happy to loan it out.buried in Pheasant Forks Cemetery, Duff. Interested people who would like to read it, please get in touch with Lorna.Sale of Farm Stock by R. M. English - 1936BULLETIN 7 107'