b'but John was dark because Mr Farrow had been married twice. I remember John Farrow getting married. I think me dad gave her away, Mary, I think she was. I remember one lady got to Bishop Wilton Church one day and she hadnt got anyone to give her away and me dad was ringing the bells and she said to me dad Will tha give us away, Jim? Ay, I think so, he said. Some even used to get to Church for a christening and they hadnt got enough godfathers. Will tha stand for them, Jim? theyd say. The ForestersBefore I joined Club I didnt know anything about it. But where the Quarmbys live, No. 16, that was where a bloke called Charlie Serginson lived. He was a cobbler. I had to go there to get his order when I was working at the Co-op and he used to say, Now then, I think you ought to be joining the Club. They didnt call it the Foresters it was Club. He used to tell me the virtuous things about it. They had a band you know, the Club in Bishop Wilton, a silver band. Charlie Serginson used to play the tenor horn. It was quite a laugh really because it used to throw me late sometimes for getting orders. He used to demonstrate, like this [Malcolm imitates Malcolms parents, Jim & Rowena Burgess the sound of the tenor horn!]. I cant remember the other members of the band, there was someone to frighten me that. I was a bit claustrophobic aboutcalled Titch Foster, though. I remember when it was going down there in those days. We had a very bigArmistice Day, Armistice Sunday, they all put their furnace. sashes on and they marched up to the church from We had to handle ration books during the war.the bottom end of the street.There were emergency coupons as well. If peopleWhen we used to have Club meetings there moved into a different area they had to get emergencywas Mr Cullum and me dad, and me and Billy - Billy coupons from the food office. I always remember the gypsies, when they were in the village they stayed down Bolton Lane on the big baulk there and at Thistle Hill. They got emergency coupons. Mr Fielder wouldnt deal with them. He used to say, You see to them, boy. One gypsy lady used to keep them down her front and reach for them! She used to say to me, especially in summer time, Is there any bacon bits, lad? If there wasnt many and there was nobody around I could soon make her some! On VE Day there was a celebration on the Old Show Ground. The gypsies were around at the time and they came. They brought instruments, a fiddle, a mandolin, and they started a sing-song. One of them had a really good voice and I remember that he sung Mexicali Rose. That night we went back with the gypsies to where they were camped along Bolton Lane and we sat around the campfire with them. You know what its like sitting by a bonfire. My pullover really stank of smoke when I got home so my father knew where Id been. He wasnt very pleased and he said, You can go and live with them if you want!The Farrows were in the village then, they wereMalcolms dad, Jim, and brother, Ken, at a gypsies. Charlie, Annie and Joe Farrow were gingerForesters event in the Village Hall76 BULLETIN 6'