b'Bishop WiltonLocal History Bulletin 6 -19 February 2004Bishop Wilton School May Day BoardsMike PrattM r Alfred Rhodes, who was Head Teacher ofThe celebrations and the boards are well Bishop Wilton School from January 1930 toremembered by those who attended the school at January 1944, instituted yearly May Day celebrationsthe time and there are often questions about what with the election of a May Queen and a Schoolhappened to them. The school has been scoured Captain. (including the roof space) but there is no sign of them.Each year the celebrations included the crowningUsing the old school log book (and individual of the May Queen and Maypole Dancing, normally onmemories where there is no record) it is possible to the Old Show Ground behind Fishers. As a record ofidentify the May Queens, the flower names they each the event, two boards were made, one for the nameschose to be crowned with, and the School Captains, of the May Queens and one for the names of theas follows:School Captains. These hung in the main room at the school.Date May Queen School Captain1st May 1930 Barbara Walker (Queen Wallflower) James Brigham1st May 1931 Nancy Gibson (Queen Primrose) Reginald Boyes6th May 1932 Kathleen Ware (Queen Daffodil) Wm Henry Cook5th May 1933 Flora Wilson (Queen Viola) Percy Wilson18th May 1934 Mary Sissons (Queen Forget-me-not) Robin Frank6th May 1935 Lucy M. Brigham (Queen Tulip) John R. Pope21st May 1936 Lorna M. Campbell (Queen Arabis) Jas. Derek Watson12th May 1937 Ella Doreen Fielder (Queen Rose) Jeffrey Jackson1938no record Rachel Frank (Queen Lilac) Jim Sissons3rd May 1939 Nancy Jackson (Queen Narcissus) Harry Barker8th May 1940 Nancy Jackson (re-elected Queen Narcissus) Lawrence West1941no record Hilary Fielder (Queen Jonquil) Clive Campbell1st May 1942 Nancy M. West (Queen Daisy) Eric Wm Sissons7th May 1943 Joan West (Queen Cornflower) Kenneth BurgessJust by the way, Flora Wilson (now Brigham) still has the badge and the book she received when she was crowned Queen Viola. 72 BULLETIN 6'