b'Bishop Wilton School Photo - 1952Photograph & names supplied by Sonia Coffey (ne Powell)T he Local History Group has two albums ofto confirm that they were going to be on show as a Bishop Wilton School photographs for displayformer resident was coming specifically to see them. at exhibitions. As of the date of this Bulletin, theyWe relented!contain 71 photographs from 1910 to 2000 along withThe example shown here is the most recent the names of the majority of children (and teachers)addition to the collection. It is unusual because of the depicted.position in the school yard where it has been taken.The albums are always the exhibits that attract theSonia Coffey supplied names with this photograph. most attention. In 2005, at the exhibition mountedWith the majority of the photographs the names have to coincide with the St Ediths Flower Festival, it hadbeen added by asking those shown to help or by been decided to give the albums a rest and not showleaving copies at the Village Shop for people to mull them, only to have someone pop into the Village Hallover. We thank everyone for their help!Back Row NancyBarrySoniaRobertMaryBrian Toes Joy WilsonToes Brigham Powell Sefton EastwoodFront Row SidPaulineJanetJudithHazelPeterJohnson Loft Sissons West Robinson Robson**Thanks to Hazel Robinson (now Watson) for this name.250 BULLETIN 14'