b'Wiltons Deer ParkUpdateMike PrattF ollowing on from my article in Bulletin 7, a further visit to the aerial photography archives at the English Heritages National Monuments Record (NMR) in Swindon has revealed more evidence of a curvilinear boundary that I think marks Wiltons former Deer Park.But I recently discovered that you dont have to study aerial photographs to find such evidence. Looking to the right while driving up Worsendale, just below Flat Top House, I spotted a feature I hadnt noticed before and I returned to take the photograph shown here in a low afternoon sunlight. So far, signs of possible remnants of the boundary have been spotted to the south, east and north but not to the west. The search continues .Veteran Cricketers & Womenfolk, c1928 Photograph supplied by Elsie Miller. Names supplied by Eileen Hopper.Back row: Billy Ware; Thomas Wadsworth; Mrs Jefferson; William Slater; Mrs Wilf Cook; Florence Smith; George Foster; Mrs Danby?; Jimmy Johnson; Mrs Wl Fisher; Mrs Walt Wilson?; May Wadsworth; Mr WIlson.Front Row: Mr Sandland; Jimmy Dury; Mr Oxtoby; Edna Bailey; Joby Johnson; Mabel Jefferson; Rowena Burgess; Bob Adamson; Renee Boyes; Mr George TindallT his photograph is a bit of a mystery. It looks asElsie Miller who inherited the photograph has always though it could have been taken in 1927 whenassumed.Bishop Wiltons veteran cricketers achieved notoriety. You can read about Elsie Millers connection But records show that Police Sergeant Jeffersonwith the Jeffersons and the Smiths elsewhere in this didnt arrive in the village until May 1928 and his wifeBulletin. The photograph shows her mother, Florence appears in the photograph. There are 11 women, 11Smith (before she married Herbert Jefferson); her older men and the younger Mr Sandland, landlord ofgrandmother to be, Mrs Jefferson; and Mrs Jeffersons the Fleece Inn, who we know was the Hon. Secretarydaughter, Mabel.of the village team in 1927. We can only assume thatThe photograph appears to have been taken there was a cricket match between the veterans andon what eventually became the village playing field the womenfolk of the village in 1928. This is whatalthough the old Show field was the usual venue at the time.150 BULLETIN 9'