b'Attached to the will of Anne Darley was an inventory:An Inventory or schedule of the Goods and Chattles of Ann Darley, relict of Richard Darley esq., of Bishop Wilton in the East Riding of the County of York deceased as appraised by us this tenth day of February 1784 who have hereunto subscribed our names the day and year above written.ImprimisPurse Apparel and Linen 20000ItemChairs, Tables, beurau, pictures, glass contained in the Hall together with the plate laid25 -000up in the said BeurauItemA Close bedstead, chairs, marble slab, pictures in the Dining Room, glass with a little5 - 000wine & mead in the Dining Room ClosetAbove stairs in the green room a bed and bedstead, Chest of drawers, glass, table12000and all things contained therein In the servants room, bed and bedstead etc 2- 000In the dark room, bed and bedstead etc 2000In the red room bed and bedstead, glass etc 5000Middle room & passage, chest of drawers & chairs, glass, chests etc 5000Yellow room, bed & bedstead, a little glass etc 3000Stair Case & Granary, maps, bathing tub 1000Lobby bed pillion seat etc etc, a napkin press 1050In the Kitchen table chairs dresser pewter glass case clock & case pictures looking9000glass pans & other household furnitureDairy & back kitchen 2 lead bowls china etc 2000Back kitchen chamber ameal tub etc 0070Brewhouse & Cellar, copper, brewing vessel & barrel 7060Two Cows a Heifer & a yearling heifer 20000A Horse and an old mare and all things in the stable 15000Hay & Straw 2126-Total 136106Money out at interest on Mortgage 300000Money out on Bond 500000As appraised by us, Robert Williamson, Wm. Flint, Thos. Askwith, William CautleyFrom the Will of Richard Darley 3of 1769: her, To the said George Etherington, all my chaises To my Dear Wife all my Household Furniture andsaddles and bridles and harnesses, and all my horses, House Linen Plate Utensils and other things belongingand also all my Books and Manuscripts I shall dye to Housekeeping Jewells watches and Rings whichpossessed of except such books and manuscripts as I shall dye possessed of and also the choice of suchshall be chosen by my said wife or given by me to her and so many books and manuscripts as she mayas aforesaid, To the said William Smith all my Pictures think are proper and useful for her own use I shalland Prints of Plants and anatomical pieces under not expressly mention by writing under my handglass and frames, To my said servant Wilberfoss Love what books and manuscripts I shall expressly give tomy wearing apparal of all sorts, and to the said Judith 3University of Hull Brynmor Jones LibraryDDSY/4/200BULLETIN 7 93'