b'The Fair Comes to the Village?Mike PrattI have puchased three copies of the postcard on the preceding page. They are in progressive stages of fading which means that detail in the distance ranges from faint to reasonably distinct. From the acquisition of the first copy I suspected that I could see what lurked in the distance, outside Fishers, just up from the sign for the Cross Keys Inn (highlighted by the circle). It was this that meant I had to purchase two more copies to see if I could see more!There is obviously some excitement in the air! A lot ofAn artistic representation of an enlarged section from the postcard, people are out on the streetopposite, by Neil Clark.and it isnt just because there is a photographer about. The Photographer Goes WalkaboutUnder the magnification provided by a high- But the story does not end there! I think that two resolution scan, I think you can see an attraction atother postcards are related to this one and taken on the top of the street just by the cross roads. Therethe same day. All three postcards are by F. Slights are two travellers caravans with what looks like aof Pocklington. I fancy that he came to the village sideshow in between them. because of the fair and he wandered round and took In order to help clarify the scene I asked an artistthe three photographs.in the village, Neil Clark, to reproduce what he sawSo, walking up the village with the fair behind him, from an enlarged portion of the postcard. His artistiche took the photograph, shown on the next page, of interpretation is shown here. The Cross Keys Inn is onthe cart from W. Culines Steam Circus by the beck the left, with a board above the door, and its sign is onjust beyond the cross roads.the edge of the road, in front of the sideshow.358 BULLETIN 18'