b'the thatched dwelling and/or the attached buildinga Mrs Carr who was a volunteer teacher of drawing, just behind the bushes is associated with the currentpainting, woodwork and carving to the wounded stable building in front of the Village Hall. This buildingfrom the First World War. The paintings are the work has a similar angle with the road and its stone builtof this Mrs Carr and her mother. Johns family, the end wall is of some antiquity. Over the fence in theCooks, had lived in York from 1780 and he was born foreground we can see the village green with grazingthere in 1934. His mother, whose maiden name was livestock. Beyond the village green, No. 57 (WalgateHutchinson, was born at Fangfoss and she moved to House) stands out with just a portion of what must beMillington as a small girl. Cliff Farm visible to its left. John and June spent 8 weeks in the UK in Luckily for us, a name and address in Australia had2004 catching up with family and friends as well been written on the back of the photos so we wereas attempting to locate the places depicted in the able to write to John & June Cook to request furtherpaintings so that they could take photographs to information. They have about 150 paintings, of whichaccompany them. They hope to visit again in the a half are of Yorkshire. John Cook acquired themfuture and bring some of the paintings with them.from his Great Aunt, Miss A. Cook, who worked for Temperance ReformT he heading of a form from the 1920s used to gather pledges for abstinence from intoxicating liquors. See the article on Methodism on page 184. 180 BULLETIN 11'