b'daughter of Levi and Frances DalesSaturday, June 5, 1897 born at DUrban, Natal, S.A.FLOWER SHOW FOR BISHOP WILTON. Oct 8th 1895In common with several of the surroundingfell asleep in Jesus and wasvillages, it has been decided to hold a Floralburied at sea April 18th 1896and Horticultural Show during the comingUntil the sea gives up its deadsummer. Among the gentlemen who haveBut it was only after further research and contact promised to become patrons are T. N. F.with a number of Dales family descendants that it Bardwell, Esq., J.P., Bolton Hall, T. H. Glynn,became clear that he had relatives in South Africa.Esq., Spitzrop, South Africa, and L. Dales, It would appear that his younger sister, Elizabeth, Esq., Bishop Wilton, the Rev. J. A. Eldridge,married a certain Henry Holderness who was involved the vicar of the parish being the president. Thein a family business based in Bishop Wilton. This following gentlemen have kindly consented towas a Brass and Iron Foundry which was beside the serve on the committee, Messrs Q. Adamson,Chestnuts, the Holderness family home 1 . Whether the R. Bailey, W. H. Cook, W. B. Cooper, S. Fryer,business prospered we do not really know but it would J. Newby, J. Tipling, and Q. Wilkinson, with Mrseem that Henry became insolvent and emigrated with L. Dales as treasurer, and Mr H. Bramley ashis family to South Africa leaving the family business in secretary. At a meeting held in the schoolroomthe hands of his mother and brother. Henrys brother, on Monday evening last, an attractive scheduleWilliam, was declared bankrupt in 1890 and in 1892 was decided upon, the committee offeringLevi came into possession of the Chestnuts and lived upwards of 9 in prizes. The show will be openthere almost until he died in 1919.to residents in Bishop Wilton-with-Belthorpe,It was a second marriage for both Levi and Bolton, Youlthorpe, and Gowthorpe, and itFrances Dales. We have been told that Frances (born is hoped that those interested in gardeningFrances Martin) had herself lived in South Africa, matters will respond heartily to the effortsmarried to James Adlam by whom she had children.of the above named gentlemen by enteringWhy Levi Dales went to South Africa is not clear. It freely in the various classes, 40 in number,seems unlikely that it was simply a holiday. We have which are open for competition. The schedulebeen told that he traded with South Africa and with embraces vegetables, fruit, window plants, cutAustralia as a grain merchant so perhaps it was partly flowers, dairy produce, bread, farm produce,a business trip. We do know that his sister, Elizabeth, and childrens classes for needlework, etc.gave him Power of Attorney from South Africa in 1892 Last, but by no means least, are three valuableand as she died in 1897 it seems likely that she was prizes offered to cottages for best kept andthe reason for the trip.best cropped gardens.The Glynns of South Africaand owing to his liberality the committee have beenH. T. Glynn (or HT as he became known) was born enabled to offer substantial sums for the prizes? Thisat Cape Town in 1856, his parents having come from is all the more significant when the 9 of prize moneyIreland in 1836 with a family of seven sons and three mentioned is seen to equate to about 800 in todaysdaughters2 .money. Trekking inland, HTs father left Cape Town and The question has intrigued me for a number ofestablished his family at Lydenburg and from there years and slowly the pieces have fitted into place. they moved to Spitzkop/Sabie 3 .Like his father, HT became involved in the The Dales Link discovery and mining of gold and took over from him From the outset Levi Dales stood out as a likelywhen he died and founded the Glynns Lydenburg link. An inscription in the Churchyard reveals that heGold Mining Company. He was an explorer and a big had visited South Africa:game hunter being instrumental in the creation of the In memoriam Sabie Game Reserve which became known as the Hannah Guinevere Kruger National Park 4 .1The Chestnuts exists to this day but the Foundry building was knocked down in the 1960s.2Information about H T has been gleaned from his obituary in The Times of November 30, 1920, fromnumerous websites about Sabie and from contact with descendants of the Dales family.3It would appear that HT saw his home as Spitzkop(referred to as Spitzrop in the press extracts of1897) when he was in England. Perhaps it wasnt until he returned with his new wife that Sabie becamethe preferred name.4HT wrote a book, evidently, called Game and Gold.BULLETIN 18 361'